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You’ve branded your brain with the cold hard fact that junk food makes you uncomfortable in your clothes and adds unnecessary weight to your frame. With authority, you’ve spoken truth into your life and accepted that cheese is death.  If you eat cheese you will die!!!! (lol)

You’ve been working your meal plan and eating clean as a whistle for over a week or so and  your temptation days are long gone.  You’re pleasantly satisfied with the plentiful variety of healthy food choices at your beck and call.   


And because you’re a super star, you have been logging in two workout sessions a week plus cardio.  FIT-mentum is in full effect up in here up in here.  

There is just one question looming in the back of your mind which is…

“When in God’s green earth can I have a cheat meal?”  

Let’s define cheat in Abercrombie & FITness terms.  Cheating in my world means to make a simply savvy selection (like a better bad choice).  For instance, you crave ice cream but go for fat free frozen yogurt instead.  You want a greasy burger but you opt for the turkey burger loaded with veggies and cheese. Your dying for a double meat double cheese pizza but you order a cheese less or light cheese double chicken and veggie pizza instead.  Catch my drift?

You eat a healthier version of what you desire and CHEAT the system!!  ~Angi Abercrombie 

But you want a cheat meal….OK  I hear you…

And yes, your argument has substance.  You’re a hard worker and a “B plus A minus”  student and you want a tangible edible reward.  I can dig it.  You’ve reached a goal and maintained a new weight or perhaps you have experienced a steady decline and gosh darn it, you really want a true cheat meal.

 My best advice is to make it count but DON’T MAKE IT A HABIT! 

In my opinion, breakfast is the BEST time to eat a cheat meal.  WHY?  Because you have the rest of the day to burn it off!   Plus, breakfast is so fun.  I love me some breakfast options.  Go crazy, have a hasbown, eggs, bacon and a waffle with syrup.  Maybe try a short stack of pancakes, fruit and bacon.  Load up an egg omelet with meat, veggies and only because your cheating, a little bit cheese.  Eggs benedict anyone?  Honey on your toast or a croissant/danish with coffee?  

Fast forward three months.  You’ve worked your tail off preparing for a Summer or beach vacation.  You have put in the hours at the gym and in the kitchen.  By your old lifestyle standards, you’ve been living like a scene out of survivor!  You as if nuts and berries have become your only resource for living and by gosh you want to live it up on the trip.  Easy surfer girl, I caution you to steadily ride out the cheat wave and be really careful to not crash out. If your going to cheat, I say go for it with your new lifestyle attitude and perspective.  

Drink the umbrella drink and have a margarita but order a “simple savvy” margarita skinny style.  Order a shot of your fav tequila over ice.  Add a splash of quantro with a lime and boom you’ve got a skinny margarita.  Over half the sugar is gone!  Now you can be free to cheat a little more on chips and salsa or dessert. 

Pick one meal and cheat all the way.  But DO NOT let it become a habit…don’t let the wave crash down you and suck you under.  Cheat meals have a nasty current and under tow.  You must be strong.  I would even go as far as to say that until you have met your goal, cheat meals should only be once a month.  Get some traction first by CHEATING the system with the simple savvy selection technique. (as discussed above)    

The special occasion will arrive.   The dress and shoes will fit and a you will ready to rock it.  By all means eat the cake.  Go for it.  Try to eat only half and push it back or eat it all and burn it off burning up the dance floor.  

Remember your list!!!!  Hopefully your list of why you hate tempting junk food is up in your face and posted everywhere for constant reminders.  



Want to know more about healthy eating?  Ask me questions or check out these previous posts!   6 PACK  &   May I take your order?


Love, peace and coconut grease!  

Angi xo

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