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Running on empty ⛽️

I’m confident that the story I’m about to tell has never happened to you.  In fact I’m positive that most of you will find it very unrelatable to your current slow-paced, not a lot going on, lavish lifestyle. YEAH RIGHT…RIGHT?

Wednesday, I had one of those days…you know the type of days where you literally bounce from one activity or chore to the next without any sort of break. Like hop scotch at 1pm, hula la hoop at 2pm, and kick ball at 3pm kind of days.  You’re a bizzy bee buzzing around doing your stuff and and the next thing you know it’s 3 or 4pm and your STARVING!!!!

Well anyway, I didn’t have a schedule per say but I did have an enormously long laundry list of tedious tasks to accomplish.  What’s more is I needed it all done by no later than 4pm.  Like many of you, I have a part-time/full-time job. My part time hours involve the actual gym training which does not include, cleaning and maintaining the gym, logging client info, managing payment schedules, creating challenging custom workout routines, setting up and taking down the sets and writing my FITness blog. Hence full time hours!   #Ilovemyjob!!!! Would not want it any other way.

I don’t actually finish my morning training sessions untill roughly 1o:30am.  I have the flex hours most days mid day before I start training again at 4pm.  This leaves the late morning early after noon hours for house/ mommy chore/kid kind of stuff.



I typically sip on coffee from about 5:30am until about 9:30am and some where in there,  I’ll choke down a protein bar or shake while commanding my workout warriors to keep pushing.  If I can, I like to sneak in a few scrambled eggs for a little extra protein boost.

Wednesday was no different from that perspective…a protein bar Quest Bars and coffee only type of morning. When it was time to shine, I hopped in the car for several hours of mock speed errand running all over town…townzzz!   I was well on my way when I began to fumble around for my snack bag.  A small heat wave began to rise up in me…oh no I didn’t.  Crap I totally did… I FORGOT to pack a snack.

Just so y’all know, I keep food in my purse and in my car console.  Don’t gross out just yet.  I try to keep a baggie of almonds and or protein bars with me for situations just like this.  I’m not growing any science experiments so don’t freak out on me.

I usually grab a baggie of a mixed nuts or pretzels. Sometimes I will even make a  quick lettuce/kale turkey roll up situaiton to eat in the car.  This will usually tie me over until I can have some sort of tuna or lean protein concoction. OOPs…one thing led to another and by carpool pick up time I was shaking like a leaf. I hate when I allow my self to run on empty. It’s terrible to deprive the body of fuel. It’s bad for the metabolism.  Mainly it’s risky because not eating leads to over eating!!!!    This is the crucial point one usually makes extreme desperate poor choices. Check out ⇒Brain WASH  !!!


Yes, I could have stopped at a FAST FOOD JOINT  but I really hate processed fast food. I avoid fast food unless I’m in a grave situaiton on in a tight pinch on a road trip.  The second I walked in the door I went ravenous with handfuls of nuts. I quickly reached in the frig and made some scrambled eggs.  I lobbed those babies on top of an english muffin with a dollop of honey.  RELIEF baby…not the tastiest of treats but none the less energy.

eggs and toast


Don’t run yourself empty.

Feed your precious body.  Pack smart snacks:

Almonds, mixed nuts, pretzels, dried cranberries and rasins.  Dried edamame and popcorn. Try on the go quickies lettuce wrap, boiled eggs, apple, bannana, strawberries, blue berries or oranges. 

Love peace and stay full please!! 


Angi xo 

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    1. Let’s do it! follow me…write to me. I love helping people get healthy and lose weight. It’s my adult life’s work! reach out anytime! Love peace and coconut grease! xo

  1. I need to start from scratch! I’m so, so big. I had lost 80 pounds and was feeling great but I’ve regained 45 pounds from stress and inactivity and illness! Now I’m faced with a big surgery so I’m needing to lose some weight quickly in 13 days. I know to eat low carb and high protein and I’ll have success. I’ve got heel spurs and my Achilles tendons are killing me presently from increased activity but I’m walking more and resting on the weekends a bit to help with the pain. I need ideas for food though. Help! I used to be thin and active. Now I’m blobby and huge. Not needing to go on tv huge but still huge. Help help help! My email is on my website or THANK YOU! so

    1. Will send you my meal plan later today. Go to my page and click on the category I don’t cook. I have pieces on food and tips and tricks on how to eat ! Good luck you got this!

      1. Thank you so much! I’m already losing as I’m back in my previous plan for the most part. I so need you though! My husband will help too! He needs you too!

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