Bringing Sweaty Back

Fuzz Buster a post about the past

Music is malleable and can push and pull the best of us out from under a bad mood or funk.

For me, it was Janet Jackson and Cheryl Crow! These two influential female music masters   sparked a fire in me that pushed me from fat to FIT.

Like Steve McQueen…all I needed was a fast tempo and an walkman baby. I took it to the streets my senior year of college and I brought Janet Jackson’s, Miss Jackson if you’re FITsie, Rhythm Nation’s cassette tape along for the run.   Girls, this album was the beat that brought me from pudgy and thick to FIT. I wore that tape out while sweating it out for at least a year.  I knew every word by heart and could envision the music video playing on MTV.  I also rehearsed Janet’s classic dance moves over and over.  HUH!

Ms. Chery Crow on the other hand pulled me through one too many gruesome cardio sessions postpartum. Her album became my anthem from the time I gave birth until I reached my 30th birthday.  (Which was exactly 9 months)  By then I had upgraded my walkman to a pink Ipod.  However, I had to download the CD/disk onto my personal computer, PC, at the time, and upload it on to the iPod which was an ordeal. There was no click and drag action. Both sides of that disk literally got me back into shape after baby girl arrived.

The cover photo was taken on my 30th birthday at hotel ZaZa in Dallas.   Y’all,  I logged in some serious hours in the gym to get my body back.  I gained roughly 38-40 lbs during my pregnancy.

Today’s Abercrombie ABonic

(my own personal FITness language)

Fuzz Buster: a word or thing that is so old or out of style that you have to dust the fuzz off of it. AKA as the old school police detector/radar detector.  Point is, it’s an old something!  So please carry on and when you hear someone say an old word like “rouge”, “walkman”, “purse”  you slug them or yell out FUZZ BUSTER!  (have fun)  similar to slug bug….GAME ON!

No one says rouge or blush these I have been told…apparently we say bronzer.  No one says head phones…we say ear buds….  My teenager rolls her eyes if I say purse…evidentally its handbag, or tote.  So live it up and fuzz bust your friends!

My brother and me   – The original Phuzz Busters!!!


I can walk or run for hours with empowering music!!! Music is so versatile and can cover so many emotions. Music will transport you to another place and time and It doesn’t all have to be upbeat.  Trust me, I have run to a slow love song before while singing at the top of my lungs.  All it has to is inspire you.  Not your friend, not your mom, not your kid or spouse…only you!  

Don’t be embarrassed to listen to what you like.  If you’re a garage grunge band kind of girl…turn it up and go.  If the Beatles do it for you…more Paul and Ringo to ya!  You’re the boss of your play list.   Girl get your gospel on.  I praise and pray from the treadmill or the pavement all the time.  

Van Halen’s version of Dancing in the Streets gets me going like no other!! Don’t judge me but I beep bob to Hanson, FUZZ BUSTER, the boy band all the time.  HMMM BOB….HMMm Bop!  It’s true. 

What I’m rockin to this afternoon

Michael Jackson (never gets old)

Blurred Lines Robin Thicke

Forget You – Celo Green

Aerosmith  (love it all)

Poison (love Bret Michael…the end)

Stevie Wonder (I can’t help it…I love Mowtown)

Black Eyed Peas 

PitBull (Timber)

Justin Timberlake (his song with Madonna Four Minutes is a pavement pounder)

Love, run and listen to the music 


PS…Fuzz Buster is a registered Abercrombie ABonic trademark term by Angi Abercrombie. Please use and share with written consent…comment below as your consent.  




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