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FITness Helper

Y’all, last night my Mr. Chicken Fry took it upon himself to stop by the grocery store and pick up lighter fluid and dinner. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…RIGHT?

Ummm, right up to the point that I realized the lighter fluid was NOT for grilling but to burn leaves and branches.  And about that dinner,  his thoughtful dinner plan was in a box!  Mr. Chicken Fry brought home his childhood favorite, a box of Hamburger Helper. What is wrong with this man? (painful sigh)  He genuinely loves it.  Mr. Chicken Fry was as giddy as a school boy proudly presenting his package of meat and the box!!!  GULP, no pun intended lol.  Proof that you can’t take the 13 year old boy out of the man!

No Offense Betty Crocker and nothing against Hamburger Helper other than it’s processed artificial cheese and pasta rolled into a crap unhealthy entrée.  Unmistakabley, I don’t care for it or advise it on any of my healthy nutricious meal plans.  Although, I guess one could brown some lean ground turkey and use all of the other elements in the box to make a better bad choice or more savvy selection but I’m not buying it.

I do admire the name…Hamburger HELPER. The sole purpose of the product is to help plain ol hamburger meat taste tastier.  Basically, it works along side and dolls up a boring package of ground round.

Nothing wrong with a HELPER outer once in a while.  Nothing wrong at all with a little fundamental assistance to kick you into the next gear. Some people would argue that a FITness helper is a luxury when it should be viewed as necessity. After all, football players have coaches.  HELPER.  Olympic athletes have teams of trainers and coaches. HELPER. Students have teachers and tutors. HELPER.  Why is FITness any different?  Why do we feel less than if we ask or hire a FITness helper?

Yall, we were created for relational fellowship.  Human beings are hard wired for partnership and HELP.  Hello, ADAM and EVE, it was not good for Adam to be alone so God created him a HELPER!  Folks, you don’t have to bear this FITness thing by yourself.

That’s where I come in.  Unlike Hamburger Helper I’m not going DOWN your disposal.   I’ll be at your disposal.  I’m an at your service kind of girl.  I want to help you successfully lose weight and inches and keep it off.

I have a client who had some serious high triglycerides.  She was off the charts.  This gal came to me not wanting a perfect figure and not necessarily serious weight loss, although she is rock solid and lean now.  All she desired was a healthy report from her doctor.  Guess what?  She got an AAA+++.  All levels are down and she is better health shape than she has ever been. TRUE TESTIMONIAL!

How can I HELP?

I have unconventional stimulating programs to jump-start your journey.  Invest now in a 6-12 week workout program and get moving toward melting fat and losing inches.  If you live far away and can’t get to my gym…don’t worry.   I offer virtual workout programs.  I  Virtual FITness is a real thing with real true grit and accountability.

It’s working right now for many people and it can work for you.  I’ll meet you right were you are…stuck, heavy, lost, unmotivated, clueless, or just frustrated.  It’s time and there is no more excuses.  You don’t need fancy clothes or equipment.  You need a willing attitude and time.   Sunrise or Sunset?   You decide.

Send me an email or comment below and let me be your HELPER.

Love, peace and skip the sweets.

Angi xo


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