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Tid Bit Tuesday: a nap vs a workout 

I place a very high value on the reverent, incredible magic we call SLEEP!  It’s an essential part of the routine. My sanctuary, aka my bed, is hands down my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye.

Growing up, I was a superior napper. Even in high school and college I remember coming taking 45 minute to hour naps.  I was blessed with a natural ability to fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime.  Some might refer to me as a modern-day on demand sleeper.  

I should admit that while I yearn for sleep, the nap doesn’t really work for me.  In terms of restored energy, I think the nap is a full-blown buzz kill.  The term “power nap” insinuates that after an allotted short snooze, that one will wake up feeling rested and energized.  This is NOT the case for me. Personally, after an abbreviated nap, I feel groggy, a tad moody, and have far less endurance than when I started.  I’m basically sleepy, so what’s the point?


If the overall intention is to recharge a half full battery for revival, what good is a quick nap going to do?  Where is the power source from a short siesta?   The mission is moxie and in my earnest opinion, a “power workout” is far more effective.

Don’t misconstrue my words.  Naps most assuredely have a proper place and time. I firmly believe that naps are hightly useful in certain circumstances.  However, in a title fight for gusto and energy, the power workout is the knock out prize figher punch.

Most people conclude that a quick power nap will give a massive boost of energy.  The truth is, a 10 minute workout offers way more “get up and go” healthy benefits.

Try this ↓↓↓

Stop what you are doing because I’m about to upgrade your vitality.  Right now, stand up and perform 10 prisoner squats.  (place your hands behind the head, sit back and squat down (as if you were going to sit into a chair, finish by coming all the way up on to your toes)  You can also try a quick set of 10 push ups and or full sit ups. If you feel freaky, go for 15 or more.

Feel that?  I bet your face has a slight reddish flush and your heart is beating fast.  That my friend is pure energy.  If you’re looking for a trigger, something to push you past the 3pm doldrums, try a 15 minute workout.  Take a power walk or complete simple exercises to get the body fired up and keep the blood circulating.

Now try this…

You are cleared to get inverted.  Find a blank wall space…behind a bedroom, or office door and kick up into a hand stand.  (a head stand works also)  Feel the tidal wave rush of blood to the opposite end of your body?  Hang upside down for as long as your shoulders and or head will hold you.  Kick back down and slowly stand up.  After, you may feel slightly dizzy but also invigorated.  Talk about an extra kick of pep.

It is impossible for a quick workout to leave you feeling foggy and dazed.  Sure you might experience shortness of breath, muscle fatigue and perspiration.  What’s the big deal?  The take away is a flood of oxygen and endorphins flying all over the place.  What’s more, a workout will also cleanse the body of toxins.

Have you ever heard the term “afternoon delight?”  The premise of this age old tradition is exactly the same as a power workout. The AD is nothing more than an endorphin rush pleasure cruise to pump up the pulse and stimulate the mind and body.  Hello…so by all means, if you can get to your spouse for an afternoon delight…make it count!  xo       

After this elementary experiment, it’s plain to see that a power 30 minute workout will do wonders for improved punch and spontaneity.  It’s also important to note that blood flow increases clarity and expels stress.   Breath in and breath out and try the speedy workout approach for afternoon endurance.

As a gift, I have written a basic 30 minute power workout.  A total body boost. This particular workout does not involve using weights although dumbbells could easily be incorporated for an advanced challenge.


20 sets of  prisioner squats as listed above.

Mountain climbers 20 reps each side total of 40

Full sit ups for 20 reps

Tri-cep dips from a bench or chair (could also do tricep push ups from a wall for beginners) 20 reps

Hand stand – hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes

Front Lunges (add a twist over the leg that is bent) 15 each side

Push ups – (use your knees if necessary) 15-20 reps

Repeat this for 2-4 rounds

The next time you are feeling sluggish and need a pick me up, try a workout.  What have you got to lose?

It will take you less than 6 minutes to change clothes.  If your office doesn’t have a gym or space for workout, hit the road for a power walk or jog.  15-20 -30 minutes is ample time to stoke the fire and re-cnter your energy.  The vitamin D and C alone will organically amp up your body.

The human body was made for movement and at the end of the day, for rest.  These power circuit style workouts are coincidentally an added bonus to the nightly appointment with Mr. Sandman.  While the workout sustains the energy it will also require rest for a full recharge.  Workouts almost always improve people’s overall sleep patterns!

I hope you found this blog post to be informative and inspiring.  Now get your mind off of the afternoon delight and get after it!

Make love, workout and sleep like a baby when the lights go out!



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