Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Finding MOJO

Forget about finding Nemo and who really cares where Waldo is?  What we really need to find is the lost spark and charm that once moved us!  Where in the blankety blank sam hill did our MOJO go?

Girls, we are mosiac creatures and when it comes to motivation, we get deep really fast.  What we forget is that motivation is the magic behind our cool!   Motivation as it pertains to our health, FIT and finesse is multifaceted!   Much like being a female, motivation is layered.  In order to find it, we have to get our fingers dirty, do some soul searching and peel back the onion.

Listen up lady, being a girl is crazy complicated.   We women have about half a million motives and each motive is tied to, but not limited to one or more underlying motives.  It’s not our fault.  As women, we manage many almost ALL the things.  We have a gazillion responsibilities and we do our best to make it all work and balance.   It’s no wonder we lose our mojo!  For heavens sake it could be anywhere!!!!

Who knows, maybe it’s the dryer or dish washer.  Maybe you left it on the diaper changing station way back when.   You might have lost it on the airplane headed to the big important client meeting you’ve busted your chops on for months.   On the other hand, maybe you left it at the office under a pile of papers.  Wait, you could have dropped it at one of the sizteen billion PTO meetings or booster club fundraisers.  Don’t forget to have a look in or around the car or in your make up drawer?  Maybe you left it in your bosses office or that revolving quarterly meeting you detest.


Could you have been sloppy and left it at happy hour?  I know, maybe you accidentally dropped into little Sally’s dance recital bag?


Did you check the sofa cushions where you veg and watch Netflix?  Nope..I think it could be in Billy’s soccer back pack…check there!  Dare I mention it might be in the bottom of the garbage in the empty gallon of ice cream or chip bag?

Hey gorgeous don’t beat yourself up… it happens.  We lose the desire to workout because life is busy and we don’t prioritize!  We burn out because we burn the candle at both ends leaving us UNMOTIVATED.  It’s a slippery slope.

Reevaluation time and the destination is unknown.  You have a desire to get FIT but you need a good strong motive.  Motives are non verbal revelations of the heart. Wouldn’t you agree?  We all have motives which move us to action.  The question is what will work for you?

a vacaiton?  a date?  a wedding?  An event?  A health scare?  A loved one?  A new wardrobe?

If you are a female you might find yourself in one or all of these categories.

Desky to FLEXY

You graduated from college and landed a job. You’ve been busy chasing the tile and buried in work. Business dinners and co-worker happy hours have had their way with you. The last call for alcohol has you up a size and feeling flabby. The midnight greasy meals from the fast food window are not doing you any favors. And you wonder why you still have acne?  Listen up doll, you have steady income now, use it wisely. Take care of yourself and join a gym or workout group. You aren’t getting any younger. Your twenties are priceless but fleeting.  Let me set you up with MOJo!  He’s a little older and decently mature.  You two really should get acquainted. He s great at flaming the fire and jump starting your FITness.  We both know that your going to win your company sales trip to Cabo.  Isn’t that motivaiton to get your FIT on?

Mommy Motivation

You birthed a baby or two. That alone is real rock star material. However the midnight feedings and spit up got you down and depressed. Frump and dumpy time need to go. You’re feeling soft and fluffy like those stuffed animals in the crib.  You”re sad and mopie because you have been taken care of a baby and not yourself.  It’s not wrong to have a desire to have your pre baby body back. You want to wear form-fitting jeans and a pair of heels. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you quit livin.  Grab your mojo and find a kid friendly gym with a nursery.  It will give you time to lift and get some sweat working.  Do your baby a favor and introduce he or shee to a new play area.

Upsize to down size.

The kids have flown the nest and you need some zest. Time has been good but your food intake has been filthy. You gave your all tending to toddlers and teens but lost your way. The classic middle age mom wine waist looks more like a life-size inner tube! You have a lot of life to live and extra-large shirts are not working for you an more.  Where is the mojo in middle age?  Motivation staycation. You and the hubs are going to travel. While the kids are away the parents will play.  You may not be motivated to wear a string bikini but you still want to look FIT in a one piece or a tank-kini. You want lean tight arms in your sassy sun dresses.  Rock the resorts this summer.  Lifting weights burns fat. The PTO days are long gone.  You have time to do an hour long power walk.

Maybe you are recently single and you want to mingle. Clean out the comfort food from the divorce.  Stock up on fresh vegtables and lean meats.  Get it in gear because this is your year.  Girls trips are a great way to get motivated to update your look.

Open the bllinds and let possibility shine in.  Beware it’s bright out.  You might be blinded by the light and a little overwhelmed at first.  Put on your jackie O shades and muttle through the struggle.  Open yourself up to change.  If you look hard enought you will find your sparkle.

Love,flow and find your mojo!



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