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Pardon my mess

Abercrombie and FITness blog page is officially under construction. Time to upgrade my whole hum not so fancy FITness blog.  Basically my site is under the knife for an overdue face lift.  What’s even scarier is that I’m performing the surgery and I have no idea what I’m doing.  Dr. Doitall over here is totally stepping out of my comfort zone and going all DIY blog techy.  BE AFRAID.

This pick me up has been something I have put off for the better part of nine months.  Because like you, I’m a very busy mom, wife, business owner, house manager and there is never a good, perfect, right or proper down time to dig deep and make significant changes.  For some cataclysmic reason,  I just pulled the trigger yesterday.  I blessed myself with an early birthday present and invested in me!  My blog is in need of a fixer upper and I’m waist deep and all in!

If you have school age kids you know that May is so boring.  There is nothing going on this time of year…it’s like a snore fest over here.   Atta girl Angi, way to just mess up your whole entire blog and start a renovation project right in the midst of the busiest time of the whole ever lovin year?  What was I thinking?  May is way worse than Christmas or the holiday season.  I gave myself a panic attack when I glanced at the calendar for next month. There is a slue of commitments and social activities to attend which is a total nightmare for an under scheduler like myself.  That being said, we have much to celebrate and for that I’m extremely blessed and thankful.  See how I spun that around?  Change the old mindset!  

On the books, not including my regularly scheduled work and home life, is….drum roll…the NJHS banquet, athletic banquet, Mother’s Day, my Mother in Love’s birthday, my birthday, grad parties out the wazoo, end of season lax tourney, professional photo shoot with DLeblanc photography, 8th grade graduation, end of season lax party, chaperoning 8th grade field trip, drama banquet, and Memorial weekend.  Whoa baby!

From the get go, I knew I bit the bullet way too hard and more than I could chew in one sitting.  This “face lift” is no joke and will take some time and TLC.  This upgrade comes with lots of inputting code, URL’s and serious data entry kind of stuff.  The creative artsy fast paced rhythmic person in me just wants to change the font size, play with the border colors, shop some new layouts, insert some new photos, and get back to what I love most, talking and WRITING about FITness!  I really just want to twitch my nose, razzle dazzle with a little hocus pocus and render a new look.  Ain’t going to happen.

Why didn’t I wait until Summer?  Because, I’m addicted to chaos that’s why.  I do my best work under pressure.  This will be a test….I’m going to try and take it slow. Sit back, relax and work the process and not cut corners.  Sound familiar….I’ll get that in a minute.

The list of do to’s is as follows:

upgrade Abercrombie and FITness blog site

merge Abercrombie and FITness domain with wordpress; (this is done but takes up to 72 hours)

merge email to new email: 

pick a layout/format (make a definitive choice and go with it)

choose colors (PINK PURPLE BLACK GRAY GOLD) and insert photos

choose menu options and categorize former blog posts into each category

 insert sponsor/affiliate links onto my site; Blue-Emu/ Blue Apron/ Quest NutritionFEETURES/ Pressabottle / TruHealth Fat Loss / Remeverse Skin Care

create affiliate program page with detailed info

create a client testimonial page

insert new photos on all sites Insta, Facebook, pinterest, remeverse, TruHealth, Linkedin

Update FITogether page

Update “About Me” page and video

Clean up my You Tube Page

This, in over my head, overwhelmed, closed in way I feel right now is I’m sure, how many of you approach FITness.  You want to lose weight, you know you need to, yet you put off and place your health on the back burner.  Then one day out of the clear blue sky you wake up and pull the trigger.  Without much thought, you jump in feet first, canon ball style, and invest in some type of workout program.  That’s the spirit.

However, when you come up for air, after you finish your first workout session, it feels like you’re stuck in quick sand.  “What in the world did I just do that for,” kinds of thoughts float through your brain.  You bit off way more than you could swallow.  Until that first workout you didn’t have a clue how out of shape you’ve been.  You wish so badly that there was some instantaneous quick fix.  You toil with the idea that there has to be an easier way.  Crazy unrealistic ideas surface such as…perhaps you could pay someone to lose the weight for you?  Is there a way shed pounds without a ton of sweaty man hours?   There has to be a magic pill but you already tried that fickle approach.  You have the zeal and you don’t mind wearing the cute workout gear or making a healthy sweep at grocery store. The killjoy comes when it dawns on you that you are in the thick of it and it’s pull yourself out of the mud time.

Like me you just want to do the FUN parts like strut around in a pair of cut off jean shorts looking all toned and tan.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and we have to dig deep and do the work!  So here we are girlfriend.  I’m doing it.  I’m going to tackle this list one by one or maybe even two a day.  I have a brain and I have the good old internet.  I may need to use my phone a friend but I will get this project complete.  As will you my dear.

We are in this together and you got this!   Make your list and include rewards.

start a workout program (ex…join a gym/hire a trainer/invest in group training/bootcamp/)

schedule two cardio sessions a week indoor or outdoor

ditch all fast and fried foods from your diet

cold turkey stop drinking sodas and juices (replace with sparkling water, club soda, flavored water, infused water with fresh fruits or coconut water)

clean out the pantry and fridge of all unhealthy processed fatty foods (ice-cream, chips, cookies, cheese, creamy salad dressings)

fire up the metabolism

Grocery store stock up – fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grain rice and natural carbs such as potatoes, lots of eggs, protein bars, protein shakes, nuts, and edamame and popcorn

meal prep

5 pounds off – reward new sports bra, shoes or workout top

meal prep


10 pounds off – reward with a simple savvy selective cheat meal

See…I made the list for you so you can start with one free cross off!  You’re welcome.

Here’s to upgrades, renovations and DIY projects because no one else can do it for you!  Yes, it will be a hassle but everything is a hassle before it becomes a habit. ~ Angi

Love, sweat and show your true grit!

Angi xo 






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