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The FITting Room: know before you go & keep it sporty 

To know me is to know that I’m a sporty kind of girl. My go to look is commonly “jeans and t-shirt.” Like nine times out of ten you will catch me in ripped jeans, white jeans, dark jeans, flared jeans partnered with the perfect T.  It’s goes together like peas and carrots and it never goes out of style. True, it’s my standard uniform because it’s honestly where I feel the most confident and sexy.  So usually, when I’m not sporting my trendy workout wear, you will find me in effortless denim.  Sometimes I dress it up with heels and jewels or dial it back with flats, or wedges.

All of this to say…there comes a time when a girl has got to branch out step up her sass.  With pending graduation ceremonies, grad parties and celebrations out the wazoo I felt compelled to shop for something more stylish and dressy.  By about age 25 I had  mastered dressing for my all too complicated  body type. don’t roll your eyes, it’s true!   The value in this is exponential because a girl who knows what works can power shop and comb through a department store in under an hour.  I’m all about the power shopping!

Before you scroll down to view my workout video, check out the sweet deal I found at KOHL’s.   While making an exchange on Monday,  I stumbled upon a NIKE sale and sports bra extravaganza!  A girl can NEVER have to many cutie patootie sports bras!

Y’all, Kohl’s has it going on this week with a huge 50 percent off two-day sale.

Check out these SO brand sports bra’s and under tanks.  My experience with this brand has always been great. Why not look cute while you workout?  I’m a budget conscious FITness freak so when I come across a steal of a good deal I must pass it on!

There is a garden variety of colors and styles to choose from!  I got my hot little hands on some trusty solids.  I chose basics black and white colors to throw on under my colorful graphic tees!

Prices are marked down all over the store.  KOHL’s is hosting a store wide sale and it isn’t just for the ladies.  Do the kids need some summer play clothes? Do you need to spruce up your man and preplan for Father’s Day?  What about camp goodies for the teens? At Kohl’s you can literally outfit the whole family.  The sportswear sales includes kids, women and men.  All sizes including plus sizes.  I would not lie y’all…there is something for everyone.

25% off all Nike apparel. Did you hear that?? 

Did you know that Kohl’s also carries, Under Armor, Nike, TEK Gear and a variety of other name brand active wear?  It’s true.  They have online offers and free shipping on orders over $75.

Y’all, I forget that Kohl’s has socks, shoes, clothes, and house ware.  It’s like a one stop shop for the entire family.  Yesterday, while browsing the men’s section, I bought Mr. Chicken Fry some classic v neck cotton T’s by Marc Anthony.  I also splurged and got him four linen button up’s.  I gotta keep Mr. Chicken Fry looking cool and stylish this Summer.  I also made a pit stop in the make up department for a replacement eye lash curler for the teen queen.  Like I said, something for everyone!   Speaking of…  I have something for you too!

Try this workout on for size.  Go ahead and get your pump on!  This is a zesty chesty core workout.  It’s got some nifty combo moves to target the chest, arms, abs and legs.

Chest Fly’s from a decline bench 20 reps heavy 

Push up – tap tap 15 reps

Sit up w/ a chest fly – 15 reps 

Ab ball pikes – 20 reps

Squat curl press – 20 reps

Jump squats 20 reps 

Repeat this set of 6 exercises 4-8 rounds!


Promise not to cackle like a laughing hyena?   Friday I made a mad dash for Dillards !  I grabbed anything that, at a quick glance, looked cute and mimicked my difficult style lines.  As a no waisted shortie with zero hips, I HAVE to be very careful with jumpers or rompers and dresses that cut in or across the waist.  I normally wear drop waist or empire…THE END.

First up was this sassy light pink jumper.  I loved it but in the back, in the buttocks area down by the zipper, the material was bulging and quite unbecoming .  PASS.


This little blue dress was a fun number and it FIT decently well unfortunately I wasn’t in mad crazy love.  

Get a load of this color!  CORAL is my jam!  I loved this jumper from the front in a BIG way.  But like the other one it made my rear look flat as a pancake.   Bye Felicia! 

This scarf top was super cute but they didn’t have my SIZE!  

The black jumper was nothing to write home about because of the placement of the cut.  If you have a long torso this would be a flattering style.  It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t do me any favors either.  NOPE.

So this was a joke.  My college roomie is a fashion icon and she always wears super cute unique lacy frilly dresses that I know I could never pull off.  To prove myself right I found this one.  The cut (empire) works for me but the iliac fabric and the length is just not me! My best girl Cass would totally rock something like this…  Love you sugarplum!  

I’m a little black dress kind of girl.  This is a classic traditional cut.  I loved it but is too formal for my upcoming gatherings otherwise I would have bought it in a red-hot minute.  

Ok see this dress and where it cuts in?   It’s at that awkward space on me where I have no waist.  And because I have no hips to accentuate my non-existent waist, it doesn’t work.  #NOWAISTWOES  It’s not empire and it’s not drop waist therefore it will not work.   It will however be adorable on someone just not me! 

This navy dress reminded me of a navl pea coat.  It was form-fitting and FABulous!  It FIT me like a glove but unfortunately the fabric was a little dressy and too much for the parties I’m attending.  

This grey t-shirt dress is totally me!  Casual, comfy and light.  I snagged it for a summer go to for backyard barbecues and or church.   

It’s important to know before you go.  Know your body, know your limitations.  Just because you are FIT and lean doesn’t mean you look good in just anything!  I have to work hard to find cute outfits that work. It’s a chore because of my broad back and breasts in combo with my boyish no hips no waist bottom half. (Urghh) 

In any case, I didn’t come up completely empty-handed.  I did wind up with a precious off the shoulder drop waist romper (MIRACLE) in an army green color that I can’t wait to show off!

Love, stay FIT and hurry while the CUTE supplies last!  





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