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When is it actually okay to take a knee?  Hold up! Don’t freak out on me.  This isn’t a political rant about kneeling during our cherished National Anthem. Rather a FITness post geared to those who might KNEED some pointers.

Go ahead take a knee y’all!

The stigma around the proverbial “girly knee” exercises is just plain ignorant. Every beginner starts where somewhere and if that’s on the knees then so what!!! Who cares?   There is no shame baby girl, no shame at all.  Despite what you might think, doing exercises from the knees is a great way to strength train and build lean muscle.

KNEED a little you time???  Go ahead and get on your knees!  Pray, meditate and exercise!

A little knee time never hurt anybody.  Knee time is beneficial for improving all of that bad posture you  got going on.  Fit tip, Get on your knees and watch 3 minutes of TV or Netflix.  Roll the shoulders back and tuck the tail bone in and down.  This activates the spine and hamstrings requiring a ton of balance.   Notice that if you start to slouch it will cause you to fall forward.  If you want to work on your posture try this simple exercise a few times a day.

When is it ok to take a knee?  

Doing push ups from the knees can actually build up and improve the muscles in the chest. By slowly working up to 20-30 consecutive push ups you are also gaining arm and shoulder strength.  Later, as you grow stronger and stronger, you can release the knees.

Here is another fun fit tip. If you have a hard time performing lunges properly, get on your knees. Grab a few light weight dumbbells and do some arm exercises from the knees.  Try it three ways.  First, both knees down and or altering one knee up.  So try curls and side laterals from a one leg kneeling position. Slowly work up to a lunge.

Spider push ups and push up lat pulls are also appropriate to learn from the knees. I’m personally a stickler about form. I believe it’s valuable to command an exercise in its accurate form.  The position from the knees is an excellent way to learn good form.

Using resistance bands and doing the work from the knees works the heck out the core muscles. You are forced to keep the core tight while balancing from your knees while pulling the bands.  Working the lats and delts with bands is a good time.  Try it!

Believe it or not doing ham string work from the knees is a super isolated movement.  Try a few of these.  Holy hamstrings right??  Told ya!

Hamstring video

Making modifications while learning form helps to prevent injury.   Learn to do an exercise properly and you a few bonus marks.  One the exercise will work better and faster.  Secondly it helps prevent injury.

Glow bright and get your KNEEON!  

Trusty basic bodyweight exercises don’t ever grow dim!  Don’t rush the bold bright stuff!  Slow down.  Don’t hurry through a workout, not even an actual exercise station! Don’t get caught up in cat and mouse game of quantity over quality.  In the FITness/exercise world, quantity without quality will get you absolutely nowhere.  When you rush through reps without paying attention to technique, it’s just asking for an injury. Especially when fatigue sets in as you get further into the workout.There is no reward with risky workout behaviour!   By controlling the tempo of each and every rep, you recruit more muscle fibers.  Therefore creating and building more muscle and strength. DUH, a win-win outcome.

Modifications aren’t a big deal. If an instructor or trainer acts disgusted or perturbed because you require or need a modification, you have my permission to leave and ask for your money back!  There is a modification for every move on the market.  Hello case and point…Physical Therapy.  PT is basically exercise and with small very guided movements to strength train muscles.  PT  helps improve range of motion.

It’s rare for a newbie to start doing big boy push ups right out of the starting gates. Don’t worry you will get there soon enough.

So kneeon baby!

Love, agree and by all means take a knee! And Thank God we are FREE!  


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