Bringing Sweaty Back


Prepare now. Do your due diligence to prevent the post holiday blubber regret.  

Typically the day after Thanksgiving is a shocker. You wake up feeling bloated and guilty! Reality kicks in. You suddenly realize that Christmas is four weeks away which means five weeks until New Year’s Day!

Honey, we need to get excited about end of the year. Y’all, we need a collective happy dance into 2021 knowing that 2020 is OVER! BEHIND US! GONE! So in preparation for the coming new year let’s chat.

This year you’re biggest concern is not gifts or shopping or budget or finding the perfect presents!  This holiday season is going to be about looking and feeling your very best. It sounds like pure vanity!  But by golly, it’s not jolly to feel unhealthy and insecure. 2020 was full of fear and panic but behold the future is bright.

With Thanksgiving three days away, the old you would immediately jump into “operation starvation” mode.  You would entertain and host inner pep talks vowing to wire your jaw shut. Girlfriend, I know that you’re scared and nervous.  I know how badly you want to rock your holiday best sweats.  I know you want to tighten and tone and lose the pandemic puff and fluff.  But trust me on this…starving yourself is a bad, very bad idea!  It’s a total misfire that backfires in the long run.  Not to mention, not eating leads to overeating!  

The FITting Room Leggings Edition


What you want is an Abercrombie and FITness Operation Activation.  My basic plan will accelerate your weight loss and increase your overall energy!  It will put you on target to complete your holiday mission and future assignments.

SugarPlum Pass

Access to all recorded workouts for the month and access to SugarPlum group 45 minute sessions Tuesday & Friday 10:30am cst includes new and improved meal plan


🗣Operation Activation is a go!  

Basic Training 💪🏽

It’s perfectly okay to cut back and cut out unnecessary calories!  Portion control is important!  This is not a green light to starve!  Listen to me, not eating leads to over eating….eventually you will cave and then it’s wheels off and the weight comes back with a vengeance!  It also screws up your metabolism and works against you making it harder to burn fat!

Drill down on your diet.  It’s not that hard.  Start with what you drink.  Cut out soda, juices, and all other sugary drinks.  Save money and calories and ditch the Starucks fraps and latte’s.  Stick to water with lemon or lime.  Pour a big glass of unsweet ice tea with lemon. The new flavored sparkling or mineral waters are a superior choice and who doesn’t love calorie and sugar free bubbles!


Your days of eating cheese and thick creamy dressing is over.  Who cares…you won’t die.  Think about BAR WARS – Abercrombie & FITness future dresses and fun things to come in 2021.


Combat and Fight 👊🏼👮🏼‍

It’s okay to fill up and drink tons of water!  Drink a big glass of water before every snack or meal you eat!  It combats bloating and flushes out toxins!  Operation Hydration!

Exercise is highly encouraged!  Duh, “Activation” is long for the root word ACTIVE!  Get busy moving and sweating.  Power walk, bike, jog, elliptical, swim, play basket ball, run stairs…just do something active for 30 minutes a day that challenges your heart rate.

Pick up the iron and get a pump on!  Lift light to moderate weights with high repetitions! Lifting weights burns fat! Stick with this for now since this is NOT boot camp don’t worry about lifting heavyweight.   Lifting weights sculpts lean muscle.  Drop the shawl wrap this year and show off your biceps in the cap sleeve T or paghetti straps!

You can always make a push and throttle up into a “two a day” mode!  Exercise twice a day if you’re super serious!  Try doing cardio in the morning and weights at night! Set your alarm and get up an hour or 35 minutes earlier.  You won’t die!  Make time to lose the weight once and for all!

PlayBack Pass

The Abercrombie & FITness “PLAYBACK PASS” is full access to ALL recorded workouts for the month. Up to 3 or 4, a week. All workouts are populated daily for month-long access to every session. Home workouts using dumbbells, towel, water, and a mat! includes new and improved meal plan


I repeat, drill down on the diet!


Eat healthy unprocessed high protein low carb meals and snacks. Eggs, fish, turkey, grilled chicken…no it’s not exciting or sexy but it works!


Eat frequently to keep your metabolism revved up!

Put down the bottle, beet whine or liquor and cut back on the alcohol intake. You will shed a bloat you didn’t even know existed. Bye bye love handles and muffin top!

Abercrombie and FITness proudly endorsed the Terra Core Trainer for a kick start into operation activation.  It’s a legit balance trainer serving as a workout bench, step stool, stability trainer and much much more. Its functionality is second to none and perfect for home or gym workouts. For more info…check out this Terra Core tell all. Use discount code ABERCROMBIEFIT for 25 percent OFF!


We, women, are big-time planners. We plan meals, vacations, parties, and our outfits from head to toe.  I know you choose every last detail down to the color lipstick and hairstyle. Make a plan to get and stay FIT!    Schedule your workout time.  Keep a regular workout time and don’t skip!  Plan to eat. Meal prep like a boss!


Now turn up the heat and watch the way you eat.



Drop in Session

Try a LIVE or recorded workout session Daily 9am cst 4:30pm cst Tuesday & Friday 10:30am cst


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