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Hey Yall!

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How do you like my clever copycat /play on words brand name?

Abercrombie & FITness!!! After all it is my name so why not roll with it.

Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Angi Abercrombie.  Hopefully if you’re here it signifies that we share a passion for FITness and LIVING a healthy lifestyle.

You might be looking around because you desire to be more healthy but don’t have a clue what to do or where to begin. Maybe you need a push start.  Whatever the reason I’m here to help challenge and educate anyone ready to do the work.

I have over 22 years experience of maintaining a FIT physique backed up with hard work and clean eating habits.

A litte history…

I had always envisioned joining a country club and learning to play tennis when my daughter went to 1st grade.  Instead,  I started a business. I opened a boutique personal training  studio  located in the heart of Coppell, Texas. (this is 20 minutes from Dallas near the airport)  I’m a certified personal trainer/instructor and over all FITness junkie.

Abercrombie & FITness has been a GINORMOUS blessing.  My clients are incredible in every way.  I have a variety of the most amazing loyal workout warriors that come to the gym and numerous success stories to back it up. (click on the Client Testimonial tab to see some of the amazing transformations) I train and encourage women, men, teens and students.  In addition to the studio I also have a growing virtual clientele sprinkled all across the United States.

My training style is laid back but I crack the whip on custom challenging workouts and proper form.  What I enjoy the most is helping people feel better, get stronger and add a little pep to their step!

This guy…My Mr. Chicken Fried Steak, aka the hubbs, Mr. Chicken Fry, baby daddy

You need to know that I have NOT always been FIT.  I have been over weight and I have been close to anorexic.  But…FITness rescued me!  When I committed my mind and body to FITness I discovered Fuel, Inspiration and Training.

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20  Facts About Me

  1. I LOVE Jesus
  2. I drink alcohol (wine and champagne)  and I inhale eat pizza
  3. I adore being married to Mr. Chicken Fry and feeling our feet touch under the covers every night…it’s instant love tank replenishment
  4. Being a mommy is the hardest, most unstable, BEST job I have ever had.
  5. I can’t seem to get enough sleep no matter how many hour I log.
  6. Bring on the outdoors.  I enjoy being outside.
  7. I’m all things beach baby.  The girl and the water, sun and sand and crystal clear turquoise water.
  8. I was a “FAT” girl.
  9. I’m highly allergic to horses, cats and some dogs 🙁
  10. I love to travel
  11. I’m not athletic.  I have zero hand/ eye coordination.  My tennis career would have been a short-lived epic FAIL!
  12. I hate to be cold.
  13. I think my smile is my best feature.
  14. I don’t enjoy cooking.
  15. I can’t function without a clean “straight” house.
  16. I often have buyers remorse
  17. Did somebody say SUSHI?  I’m in!
  18. Being my own boss is a dream come true.
  19. I’m a movie cinema theatre connoisseur. #entertainme #popcornandmilkduds
  20. I have the best family and friends on the planet!!


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    1. Margie – I will be posting some Abercrombie FITness approved meals next week. If you want me to send you privately some of my meal plans just let me know! Thanks for your support!

      1. Love your energetic, wholesome blogg! Will be checking it frequently to see what’s new. Keep the faith.

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