Bringing Sweaty Back


It starts small, and it gradually picks up gains force and soon it's unstoppable.  What is it? The WAVE FIT-ness momentum (renamed FITmentum) is much like the wave.  It takes it's time, slow and gradual.  Since this is a FITness blog, allow me use weight loss as the example.  Say, an individual purposely executes… Continue reading FIT-MENTUM

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Rookie Resolutions 

I have never been much of a resolution girl. I think it's pretty lame to set a laundry list of high expectations for the coming year.  Don't get me wrong you guys, I'm NOT against having goals.  I fundamentally ALWAYS have goals in the forefront and foreground of my mind. It's the build up and… Continue reading Rookie Resolutions 

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

FITervention Twenty Sixteen 

Today is toe tapping Tuesday my little go getters!  I hope you had the most amazing Monday, I know I did!  2016 is looming ahead with such bright promise and potential. Many will begin forecasting for a healthier new year.  My wish is that you take your health seriously and make FITness a priority. Don't… Continue reading FITervention Twenty Sixteen 

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

By now you know…

By now you know that I'm not the FITtiest FITness guru of all times.  I'm not the most professional FITness person you know. I like to eat, I like to wine and I like to workout and snack on sweets.   I want to be FIT, I want to have super tight sculpted muscles most… Continue reading By now you know…

Bringing Sweaty Back


This is been one of the speediest December's of my entire life. The hustle and bustle bowled me over.  I must have deleted the memo on middle school madness!  Between the usual "to do" lists of daily living and holiday must haves, I was clue less in terms of the added teenage sports, performances and… Continue reading Devine

Abercrombie FITness client testimonials, Bringing Sweaty Back

Meet Stacy Benge

I would presume, unless you are a twin, that few people can say they shared time in the "hospital nursery" as new borns and continue to have a  thriving friendship 42 years later. WE CAN!!!! Meet Stacey McGahey Benge.  We share a precious  relationship that began May 8, 1973...our BIRTH day.  Isn't this so cool.… Continue reading Meet Stacy Benge

Bringing Sweaty Back

Two turtle doves & a wheel barrow(video included)

You better WORKOUT, you better flex your tris's, you better not CHEAT, and I'm telling you why... because Santa clause is coming to town!   I hope everyone is having a jolly good Christmas thus far. I hope your days and nights are merry and bright.  I wish for you to soak in a moment… Continue reading Two turtle doves & a wheel barrow(video included)

I don't cook

Condiment Queen

Hello and happy HUMP DAY honeys.  I LOVE me some condiments.  Who in their right mind doesn't LUV to dip a warm crispy French fry into some ketchup?  (especially fancy ketchup from Whataburger)  It's the American way! Perhaps you're not a ketchup lover and I can dig that. I suppose you could be more of  barbecue… Continue reading Condiment Queen

Bringing Sweaty Back

Girly Biz…Vajayjay Day!

Today is my yearly terrible Tuesday. The dreaded annual "female" well visit and mammogram. Today, I put on my big girl panties and begrudgingly mozey down to the damsel doctor.   Go ahead make judgements and call me names.  I'm a big fat fraidy cat, so what? Meow.  Unless your fifty shades of grey, there… Continue reading Girly Biz…Vajayjay Day!