FITnominal Affiliates

Abercrombie & FITness proudly partners with a selective group of genuine like-minded sponsors. These affiliates and products are NOT necessarily (most cases NOT) paid advertisements. Although, I’m eternally optimistic and hopeful that my 20 plus years of training experience and blogging efforts will move me in this direction.  😉 Scroll down to see the list of FITnnominal Affiliates!


Upfront you need to know that I don’t operate on a “sell my soul” sort of busine1-2-3-Product-Group-Shotss model.  I have deep CORE beliefs (no pun intended) and strict guidelines on how or why I would choose to work with someone.  For starters, if I ♥love♥ it, I want to tell every about it so they can use it and love it too.  That’s just who I’m and why I took up blogging in the first place. FYI, before blogging, (back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had a client Abercrombe & FITness NEWSLETTER!  How old and antiquated do I feel right now!!!

Secondly, more than likely, I’m a big league believer and have been using the products for decades and long before I started instructing/training or blogging.  I ONLY plug/publicize products that I deem credible and worthy of praise.  Furthermore if tend to be a bit ballyhooish it’s because I truly believe in it and MORE IMPORTANTLY it’s working for me.


I’m open and do try to venture out of my comfy zone and look for new or improved methods or products.  When on occasion I stumble onto something FITastic you can bet your sweet bippy that I’m doing the leg work.  I don’t FREELY give out the  Abercrombie img_9169-1& FITness seal of
#abercrombiefitnessapproved.  Oh no honey, I’m all about the test drive. I gots to smell it, taste it, use it for a while, feel it, experience it and get all up in it for the real thing.  I write true and non biased articles on the products including a buyer beware clause if necessary.




FITnominal Affiliates

PressaBottle  is the water bottle of the century.  It’s hip and highly revered… use img_9591promo code: AbercrombieFIT for a 10% discount.  Don’t snooze on this one folks…to learn more click here⇒ Infuse or lose.  

blue apron

Blue Apron Whether cooking is a passion, or you’re simply looking for a push to expand your cooking ability, Blue Apron is the ideal gift for any or special occasions. Blue Apron partners with farmers to deliver high-quality ingredients, carefully curates each recipe, and delivers delicious meals to your door that will have you begging for seconds!

Quest Nutrition  Check out one of the hottest protein bars on the planet.  The variety is amazing

Remeverse Skin Care and Nashville Lash – Remeverse   Looking for longer, fuller natural lashes?  Check out Nashville Lash.   It’s safe, paraban free and I swear by it!



If you are a person or company interested in an Abercrombie & FITness feature article, test market,  forming a new relationship or sharing information about your product/  service please send an email to  

Angi’s areas of interest and influence are but not limited to…

FITness: workout equipment, women’s active wear, FIT fashion and apparel, resistance training, training gadgets and gizmos, training shoes, cross training, outdoor and indoor, gym, technology, virtual training, blogging, music, fitness equipment,

Diet & Nutrition:  non processed foods, protein bars, protein shakes, supplements, organic snack foods, water bottles, meal prep containers, meal planning, meal plan, vegan, sugar-free

Health & Beauty: muscle pain, soothing muscle relief, skin care, teeth whitening, makeup, water resistance-waterproof sweat proof make up, sunscreen,


Abercrombie & FITness articles are published daily on Millionaire’s Digest in the FITness and Health sections.  

Angi operates a private personal training studio with an average of 40 clients per week ages ranging from 12-66 yrs. Along with a growing virtual FITness program with clients spread across the United States.

Angi manages this virtual FITness program called “FITogether” which on average entails training 10 or more clients at a time in six-week increments. Virtual clients are mainly out-of-state such as Arizona, Alabama, California, Florida, and Texas.