Bringing Sweaty Back

Thanksgiving Overload

You stuff the bird not your belly! Here are some fit tips on how to avoid thanksgiving overload…if you know what I mean!!! #abercrombiefitness #thanksgiving #gratitude #givethanks #trainer #personaltrainer #foodie #mealtips #mealplanning #overeating

Abercrombie & FITness

We are a day away from Thanksgiving. A traditional holiday that fundamentally revolves around food, family and football. Do yourself a ginormous favor and make a plan. Heaven knows you don’t want to make the same mistake you made last year. Remember, you stuffed yourself so silly that you had to resort to the old pregnancy rubber band trick? It was miserable. No one wants to go there!

You have a few choices don’t ya know? Eat before you go and focus more on quality family time and LESS on food.

Yes, you heard me right. Eat before you go.

I know to some of you this sounds completely absurd and freaks you out. Why would you eat before you go to a Thanksgiving feast?

The answer is simple. It’s to save your sweet soul from hours of overeating misery.

Pour out your opinion instead of piling a plate skyhigh…

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