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Last week I had a routine mammogram. It was time to check the "tatas" and do my female due diligence. I drove to Plano to a new diagnostic radiology clinic and by the time I was finished, I was starving to death. Hangry is more like it. I was looking around trying to find a decent… Continue reading Spoiled

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FITness holds a candle

I relish candles.  There is something expressive about a singular flame slowly melting wax away and I like it.   It's captivating and makes me happy!  I'm wildly attracted to the fragrant scent of citrus candles. Call me crazy, but occasionally I will light a candle and burn it all day and night just because I… Continue reading FITness holds a candle

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Lite Chicken Salad

I'm sooo over it. Tell me you are too! I'm so worn on winter foods.  I'm tired of preparing the same o'le stuff.  It doesn't feel very Spring like in Texas and my taste buds are hankering for some fresh Spring-ish foods. Activation imagination. I had to pretend yesterday that it was 80 degrees outside… Continue reading Lite Chicken Salad

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Get GLO’in

It's Glo time at Glo Sun Spa.  Where class, convenience and beauty come together for a blissful spa experience. Glo Sun Spa is a new wave automated spa.  I recently visited Glo Sun Spa in Coppell and  you might say I've become a regular.  I'm hooked on this all-inclusive corner spa that smells like a fragrant bath!… Continue reading Get GLO’in

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FITness Fetish

Is your fetish good or bad for your health? #fitness #abercrombiefitness #overweight #weightloss #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #fitspo #fittips #mealplanning #mealplan #Healthyeating #workoutvideos #woroutprogram #exercise

Abercrombie & FITness

Do you ever feel like you’re suffocating from all of the STUFF?

Sometimes I look around my house and feel like a hostage.  I’m surrounded by too much clutter, not to be confused for my admitted furniture fetish.  I’m addicted to furniture…so sue me!

My Mr. Chicken Fry  has a big time FOOT fetish.  He pays attention to FEET and thankfully adores mine!  It’s a serious thing this fetish of his.  I literally have girlfriends that will unequivocally NOT come around my hubby if they aren’t properly polished and pedicured to perfection.  It’s true!  They fear the wrath of the Chicken Fry mock! He will openly rake you over the coals for poor foot care.

I had this photo made as a surprise wedding gift.  I snuck out his two mangy amazing labs under the radar but what he loved most was my bare foot!!!

I guess…

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Shut the ____ door!

What do you need to shut the door on? #abercrombiefitness #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #mealplan #mealprep #healthydiet #cleaneating #exercise #fitnessmotivation

Abercrombie & FITness

February has arrived and I have never felt more compelled to share some awesome news.   We are basically in month two of a brand spanking new year.  We are at the tip-top of the month and I’m here to encourage you to shut the _______(fill in the blank) door on life’s leeches sucking your mind, time and energy.  Tis the season to shut the front/back door and while you’re at it, shut the FAT door and ALL the other doors open that are draining you dry.

It’s been said that the year 2017 is in alignment with biblical prophecy for rebirth and great change. Entering into this bright bold new year is a  foretold mind-set of inheritance.  A convergence, if you will, of empowerment and promotion.  We as a people and a nation are shifting from a dull negative narrative to a glossy assignment for alignment.  Don’t you just love that!?!?!  Now,  I…

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Strategic Parenting

Parenting is a blast. It's sooo much fun right up to the point that it isn't! Any parent who has raised a teenager has to know exactly what I mean.  Parenting is  widely entertaining until the kids grow up and suddenly have a mind of there own.  Sure, there are glimpses of pleasant family time,… Continue reading Strategic Parenting

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It's almost Easter y'all!  Soft muted colors adorn everything from finger nails to front yards!  Spring is all over! This Easter,  I'm on a different kind of hunt, and Easter egg-tensive pursuit of the perfect egg. How do you like your eggs? It's quite egg-stensive don't you think?  The transformation of an egg while under… Continue reading Egg-tensive

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Spring break after math must haves

Spring is springing which means the sizzling Summer heat will soon follow.  As for me, I can't wait.  I cherish ALL things Summer time.  But before I get ahead of myself, I'll slow my roll just a tad.  Why rush things? (if you are here for the workout only, scroll down to the bottom)  … Continue reading Spring break after math must haves

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Skin care (free gift)

  I have a special to share! This is a FITastic gift, to you from me! There is NO minimum purchase requried and no exclusions. This is simply a thank you gift to all of my current amazing beautiful REMEVERSE customers! It cost nothing to become a preferred customer so sign up today and start… Continue reading Skin care (free gift)