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Scale Away

Hi, my name is Angi Abercrombi I was a scale addict. Welcome to Scales-Anonymous...a girl to girl chat about ditching the scale because it's NOT your friend. #abercrombiefitnessapproved #personaltrainer #selfcare #fitnessblogger Click the highlighted link to read the blog post!   Or sign up now for my on li ne virtual training program.  It's 12 worokuts… Continue reading Scale Away

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Brusha Brusha Brusha: a tooth tell all

Until about three years ago I was in the dark on athletic socks. I was not aware that all  socks were created equal.  That was of course before I was randomly introduced to FEETURES socks which changed my daily life.. One area I generally experienced confidence has been my big bright wide white smile.  I… Continue reading Brusha Brusha Brusha: a tooth tell all

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5 things a trainer wants from YOU!

Hello Tuesday and mid August. Does anyone else feel like the Summer zoomed by? I have another Tid-bit Tueaday for ya! Since I'm basically being forced into the whole back to school routine I want to discuss it and how it relates to working out. How you can make training work for you. As a… Continue reading 5 things a trainer wants from YOU!

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Trainer -Q&A

Trainer Q & A – a tell all of my 5 most frequestly asked questions! #abercrombiefitness #fitspo #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #tellonlyyourbestfriends

Abercrombie & FITness

Summer has finally kicked into that perfect rhythm.  I’m currently somewhere between  ♥LOVING it, CALM, and completely surrendered. I could stay right here for several more months and be so content.  I will be soaking up the next 26 days like a dry sponge.

Speaking of soaking things in, I got something for ya!  A little blurb from my question and answer session with a recent group of fresh female college freshman.    It is completely useful to any target market and I wanted to pass it along.  It’s my hope that they and YOU will soak up every word then get your butt in gear and put it into practice! 

Enquiring minds want to know.  I get a ton of questions from readers, friends, strangers and social media followers about this whole “living healthy” gig I got going on.  Questions usually include diet woes, workout routines and other FITness…

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TRX Tuesday

Well hello friends! How's your Tuesday treating you? Over here we are in the final farewell to the lazy days of Summer. It's sad but true. Soon our lives will be busy and ruled by the school bell.  With school we get more schedule and plenty of fun fall social activities. I welcome change and… Continue reading TRX Tuesday

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Skin Care (free gift)

Have I got an end of Summer back to school bonus for you! A thank you to all of my loyal readers, followers, skin care enthusiasts and workout warriors. #abercrombiefitnessapproved #freegift #skincare #remeverse

Abercrombie & FITness

Because I’m HAPPY!  Clap along yall it’s Thursday and a day closer to the weekend.

I have something special to share.  A little something something GIFT, for you from me! Consider it an end of Summer or back to school bonus.

YOU GET A FREE $10 dollars

$10 free smackers

$10 bucks

FREE $10 off of any Remeverse product. 

There is NO minimum purchase requried and no exclusions.

This is simply a thank you gift to all of my current amazing beautiful REMEVERSE customers, workout warrarios, skin care enthusiasts and loyal blog followers!

It cost nothing, nada, zero dolalrs to become a preferred customer so sign up today and start saving!

Click here to visit REMEVERSE and learn more or order today! Click the blue BUY NOW button to shop all of the amazing products. 

The two most frequently asked beauty questions I get from my readers is what type of skin care…

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Back Talk

This isn't what you think it is.  This isn't another story about a back talking teen although I could fill a few thousand pages.  I have no clue where in the world she would pick up on such a snarky bad habit...HUH! A little back talk is expected right?  I mean as a mom I… Continue reading Back Talk

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Chipotle chicken salad

The heat is still sweltering hot and I thought y'all could use another cool summer meal. This one will take you through the Texas September warm weather and is a Labor Day weekend hit. Yesterday I concocted another version of my original LITE CHICKEN SALAD. Like my infamous lite chicken salad, this too is bold… Continue reading Chipotle chicken salad

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Plateau Warning

Have you hit a wall with your weight loss? Plateaus can happen to all of us. Here is how to break through the barrier and inches melting away! #abercrombiefitness #metabolism #dietjournal #meal plan #fitnessblogger #personal trainer

Abercrombie & FITness

Welcome to Summer homies!   It’s astonishing that we are crawling into August.  The scorching Texas temperature is a ceaseless reminder.  We keep our fingers crossed that the extreme heat will plateau then quickly nose dive back down into the mid 90’s.

If you have been watching the calendar like a hawk it’s probably because you’ve had a Summer goal in mind!  Many of you out there have been working your patooties off actively pursuing weight loss and creating lean muscle with an unshakable zest.  BUT…

There are some out there, right this very second, who are fed up and ready to quit.  I feel it.  You’re teetering on the edge of giving up on this FITness quest.  You’re pissed. You’re pissed big time because the parade of weight loss has hit a momentary plateau and you feel futility.   You’re rightfully angry even though you HAVE met some…

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Gluten Free or Gullible?

Are you a gullible magnet for practical jokes? Do you fall for everything? For years, with an exclamation point, I fell for just about every single prank or dumb joke that Mr. Chicken Fry's colorful friends threw my way. I was an oblivious fresh target for all of their 30 something frat boy banter. It's… Continue reading Gluten Free or Gullible?