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Band Aids

Happiest new year to you!  I hope you have a super week back in the real world.  For many of you it’s a SHORT work week and that’s always nice!

FITness and fashion have a pesky common denominator. Unfortunately both have a ton of trends that promote false promises.  What’s more is sometimes these trends prove me wrong!!!

Fashion is all like wear this with a promise it looks cool and more slimming because the model in the window says so.  The advertisement says to wear the bra or jeans so it will hold you in and lift you up and with those four words alone who’s not going to buy/try it?

There is always something new trending.   The next best thing.

FITness is the same way.  Pilates, Barre,  HIIT, Beach Body, Hot Yoga etc.

It’s hard to know what’s real and what delivers results with staying power.

If you’re ALL up and into FITness on instagram or Facebook,  then you already know that resistance band workouts are souring.  Pictures and videos of guys and girls doing booty kicks, hip thrusts, and sculpting their lats using bands.  BUT what you want to know is…Is it real?  Do they really work?

Is it a BAND AID or a band-aid?

I’m a ginormous fan of resistance training.  I have been using resistance bands for a very long time but I got to tell you not all bands are created equal.

Mark Bell’s sling shot hips circles are the bomb diggity. The real deal for BAND resistance training.  I honestly thought they were going to be stupid and worthless. But I WAS WAY WRONG!!!  

First of all they don’t slip.  They are made of a hefty thick fabric not rubber or latex.  The bands I have used in the past have been rubber or latex and tend to bunch up and can RUB your skin the wrong way.  Some even pinch. My workout warriors often complain so I had almost quit using bands because of it.

Second of all you can use them anywhere.  Pack em, purse em, desk drawer em, kitchen drawer em, glove box em…these babies are light and easy to use any time any place.

Marl Bell’s bands maybe soft but honey they really pack a punch withOUT a pinch.

Holy hips ladies.  Hips hips abs more hips.

This orange band is the signature hip circle.  It is a sure-fire way to tighten and tone the hips and butt cheeks.  And it’s only $25 You can buy it here Rogue FITness  I don’t endorse FITness equipment unless I love it.  These bands are a fine investment for your home gym or to incorporate into your FITness regimen.  Keep them in your gym bag, suit case, glove box, console or desk drawer.

Amazon Reviews  

I was extremely skeptical.  I didn’t think that a not so very big piece of fabric material could make my butt burn!  BUT I WAS WRONG. I think is partly because these bands don’t budge.  There is a no slip grip technology inside of the band that prevents it from hurting and or slipping.  What a concept right!?!?

They come in a variety of sizes and resistance which is right up my alley because I’m looking for variety.  I like to be able to mix it and up do several things with one band.  These bands will fit around your upper thigh, above the knee or down by the ankles.  You can put them around your writs tor arms and get a great shoulder workout without pulling skin.

Here are a few of my favorite exercises!

Using the band here really helps keep my knees strong and activates my glutes and hips!

Outter thigh

Arms and outer thighs

GLUTE squeeze

Glute squze kicks and much more!

These are just a few of the numerous exercises that isolate muscle groups and firm and tone!

Needless to say the bands get the Abercrombie and FITness seal of approval!  

Order yours today…

Hip Circles

LEVEL 2 Hip Circles

It’s not a scam! 

Love, jam and buy the bands!

Angi xo

What’s your experience with bands?

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