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Along long time ago, in a a galaxy far far away….we didn’t have choices!  

Gosh, does anyone else recall how simple the grocery store use to be? I remember the cereal isle being the ONLY isle with what seemed like hundreds of boxes to choose from. It was the fun isle and you studied each box precisely for the coolest toy in the cereal box. Do they have toys in cereal anymore?  The toy was usually a plastic piece of junk but the anticipation of pulling it out of the box was so SOOO COOL!  Good times!  

So today’s question is, what is the best meal replacement bar on the market?  The answer can be cumbersome because a lot depends on your intentions.  The market is saturated with good and not so good meal replacement choices.  We live in the land of milk honey and protein bars!  I can only imagine how confusing it would be for a protein bar newbie.  First, the heart rate accelerates followed by baby beads of sweat forming on the brow!  Oh wait, no sorry, never mind, false alarm that was just a hot flash!!!  Seriously, a GNC or VITAMIN SHOPPE, can be intimidating but please RELAX…I can help! Ask yourself this…

  • Is the meal replacement bar for fuel before a workout?  
  • Is it to pack in protein on a busy day?  
  • Is it to eat something loaded with fiber to kick-start a healthy eating plan?  
  • Do you care about the taste or the nutrient content?  Pick one! 

Many factors ultimately determine your choice of bars.  For me, taste is not a big factor because I mostly care about my protein intake.  I can eat a piece of card board if I know it’s got at least 35 trillion grams of protein in it!  I will totally sacrifice taste for protein and a LEAN body!  A while back I struck gold when I found several bars that have super low sugar, high protein and taste good. 

 I hope I have made it clear that I’m all about convenience above all things.  If it saves me time I’m pumped!  If it saves me time and money I’m over the moon.  I’m not that girl who ENJOYS grocery shopping. If I didn’t have to “do food” at all I would be content. Point is, I go to one grocery store and that’s it. I’m a one stop shop.  I DO NOT enjoy hit the farmers market, target, then market street to get all of my stuff. Call me crazy but I would much rather be watching a movie or playing at the park or anything else besides shopping for food!  However, I do like surfing the world wide web. 

I was recently introduced to VITACOST. It is an on line store for vitamins and supplements.  You can order in bulk and save some serous cash!  Just don’t run out before its time to order again. vitacost_logo

                                My TOP 4  

NAME          rating 1-10          taste 1-10         nutrient value

QUEST             8                               4                              8

DETOUR           7                              10                             6

Cliff BUILDER    8                              9                               8

SUPREME             9                                9                            9


Battle of the bars!  Happy FRIDAY y’all and have a FIT-tastic weekend!  

What’s your favorite bar?

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