Bringing Sweaty Back

Play time 

Spring has sprung in Texas y’all!  I get super fired up about the Spring season because it means more time outside!!  I’m an outdoor kind of girl.

Texas weather is totally irrational and completely unpredictable so we gotta get outside while the gettins good!  Folks, the last three days in the DFW area have been a little slice of sunny sweet bliss. Like baby bear would say, “not to hot and not to cold…it’s just right.”


I’m talking about the type of weather that screams “everyone…outside at once…go play!!”  I have been playfully skipping down my street like a school girl. It’s perfectly perfect weather not to be taken for granted.

Guys and dolls let’s talk outdoor FITness and the endless opportunities to move and be active.  Mother nature has opened her home and invited us all out for merriment and  shenanigans.  So by all means, put on your play clothes and get after it. 


Got a ball?  Great, you have it all.  Shoot some hoops, play catch, or soccer.  Care to volley?  No need to get all fancy and worry with a net, just serve it up, play nice and don’t keep score.  You will be voted the cool parent forever and ever if you play with your kids!  A light-hearted game of touch football is always a family favorite.

HELLO community park.  You’re never to old to frolic at the park.  Take some time to climb the tower, slide down the slide and beat your spouse across the money bars.  This will totally humiliate your kids to the point they will implore you to stop.  This frees you up to run the stairs, chin up, tricep dips from the park bench, and/or lunge and squat around the park perimeter.  Be sure to end one last slide and a long swing!  Stay until your kids petition to leave…they will sleep like babies and so will you!  ENJOY! 

Now for you lame-o’s who are too good for the park, traditional yard work may be more your speed.  Now make no mistake, working in the yard is not for the weak. Even the fittest FITness gym rat will feel the effects of digging, planting, pruning, pulling weeds and hauling giant soil bags. BOOM, multi tasking here we come.  Exercise your way through a spring yard work extravaganza. Caution, please warm up and gear up appropriately. This is usually when  poison ivy, poison oak, and bee stings run ramped.  Sunscreen, bug spray, and gloves are mandatory. The most vital advice is to bend at the knees not at the waist. Also, lift with your knees not with your back!  People you will feel like you have been in a car wreck if you don’t heed my generous advice!

Outside is where an adult can be a kid.  Good news, it’s Friday and technically you have a full weekend to tip toe through the tulips and take pictures in the blue bonnets.(a Texas tradition) At sunset, adults gather and squander on the patio for fellowship with your favorite people.  For tomorrow you will power walk, hike or bike and leisurely enjoy free play outside.


Love, peace and bend at your knees.

Angi xo 

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