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FIT-mentum (part 2)

FIT-mentum is one of MANY self-made Abercrombie & FITness terms also knowns as Ab-Bonics.  (stay tuned for more)  In this case, FITmentum represents FITness momentum or also known, in boring laymen’s terms, as the snow ball effect.

As a personal trainer, I have the privilege to watch FITmentum take shape right before my eyes.  It’s by far the BEST part of my job.

Take my client Jeffery for instance. He’s a 17-year-old man/boy who came to me 110 pounds soaking wet. With a steady weekly heavy lifting routine, Jeffery is gradually gaining FITmentum in muscle mass.  His body is taking shape and fortunately I have a ring side seat to train and track his progress.  Currently weighing in at 118 pounds,  Jeffery has FITmentum on his side.


It’s all about TRACTION!  All it takes is a little bit of traction to roll FITmentum right into motion.  Most often, traction takes its grip when “seeing is believing”organically occurs. When any of my workout warriors start to see even the slightest bit of change…boom, FITmentum is in play.  For Jeffery it was flexion!  This boy was gaining some definition and what do we do on Wednesday?  WE FLEX!!!   

Now, I would be remiss if I discounted my motivational passive aggressive super savvy trainer tactics.  

Jeffery, you are a handsome young man. Jeffery, you are strong like bull.  Jeffery…see these muscles…exactly…let’s get to work and make some pal!”  Dude, let’s get you buff.   Jeffery, you are wise like the ow.  Jeffery, I’m here to pump, insert clap,  you up!!


During Jeffery’s 7 month training program he has been consistant.  Aside from a few  recent minor set backs such as spring break, senior retreats, wisdom teeth extracion and a wrist injury.  Life happens right, and some times we have to watch out for stone statues! Say what?  Jeffery plays competitive frisbee and during a tournament, he jumped up to grab the frisbee and on the way down he had a fist fight with a statue.    Unfortunately statue 1, Jeffery 0. He injured his wrist and was pretty banged up.  Fortunately his epic trainer suggested bathing in Blue Emu (Angi Abercrombie for Blue Emu) to soothe and relieve his aches and pains.   


I quickly realized that Jeffery isn’t a homework guy.  He comes to the gym to workout and without fail gives me 100% effort with no back talk.  Not to mention he brings a killer playlist.  YOUTH ROCKS.  He presses,  lifts and squats his muscles to fatique which means his homework has to be done in the kitchen.  In order for FITmentum to kick into high gear Jeffery has to eat like hoss.  He requires high protein with heavy starchy carbs such as chicken and pasta and steak and potatoes.  Turkey burgers loaded with cheese and vegetables.  Protein shakes and meal replacements.  

Working out and proper eating create the traction which proceed evident change.  Jeffery is a work in progress and I beg him to care more and more about food.  Which is usually the polar opposite of my preachy theme.   I’m overly proud of his progress and look forward to building more muscular FITmentum in this college bound lad.  

REmember, all true FITness results are achieved through a combination of both nutrition and challenging, progressive exercise. Are you ready to get FITmentum rolling?  

Check out FIT-MENTUM.

Love, rhythm and roll with the FITmentum

Angi xo

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