Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

FIT Faux Pas

Forget to pack socks in your gym bag…FORGIVEN!  Taking your sweet time refilling your giant bottle at the water fountain…whammy!!

Y’all gonna make me lose my mind…up in here, up in here.

Seriously, some folks just don’t understand proper gym etiquette. Scary as it is, gym etiquette is basically an opportunity to use common sense and good manners. Plain and simple.  I realize that a large gym environment attracts many different types of people to a public place.  But for heaven’s sake, people, pretend your mom is watching and try to make her proud!    


In any case, I will kindly review a few basic rules. Please feel free to print and post at your local gym if any of the following become an issue.  

  • water bottle refill from the fountain ONLY when there is not a crowd of thirsty workout warriors waiting and lingering behind you. hello, rude…
  • wipe your sweat off the machine before you move on to the next set!!  hello, disgusting…
  • if you forget your gym shorts, just go home. Your work slacks are super distracting and totally nonabsorbent. hello, hard to look away…
  • try not to sing or hold a loud phone conversation while your ear buds are plugged in while using the cardio equipment. hello, trying to focus over here & FYI you’re not Adele.
  • mr. tank top muscle man…do you really have to grunt and huff and puff on every rep? hello, you’re the biggest dude in the gym, we see you…
  • miss susie talkalot, I said hello as a polite greeting,  not an opportunity to listen and chat.  hello, I’m here to work my muscles not my mouth…
  • mr. and miss. FITness can you possibly hold off on the PDA or at the least knock it down a few levels? hello, this is a gym not a grab butt convention. 
  • use cologne, perfume and body spray sparingly please. hello, cough cough you’re killing me pepe la pue…shoo wee!
  • this is a family friendly gym environment, please dress accordingly keep it PG. hello, men don’t wear spandex EVER and cover up the cleavage please!  
  • excuse me mrs. yoga extraordinaire and zumba queenie, yes this is my first class and I have no idea what I’m doing so stop staring at me.  hello, offer a smile, everyone starts somewhere!


What bad habits drive you batty at the gym?   Please share your faHydra Mist Largevorites.

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Love, workout and make your mom proud!!!





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