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Timing is everything

I huffed and puffed just like every one else does when I received a jury summons last month. Like many of you, I work for myself and when I miss work, I miss out on making money. Not to mention, it’s a hassle to reschedule my clients and I don’t like to inconvenience their time.  Plus, I really hate to miss my morning workout routine!! URGHH.


With no excuse, I quit my grumbling and joyfully attended jury duty yesterday morning. Naturally, I have been summoned many times before but I have proudly checked the exemption, √care giver for child under the age of 12! Now, baby girl is all growed up, at the ripe age of 13 and the courts believe she can “care” for herself.  In my opinion this is when most kids require proper supervision but that is another topic for another day. So, on with my story…


I was full of zest. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to serve my civil duty as an American citizen. I must say, I felt like a big girl and super adultish. I was doing it y’all! Fully committed to the task all by my lonesome. Yes, I was a tad nervous but secretly excited anticipating the day ahead.

My spry mental state was quickly subdued when I hit the highway traffic halfway into downtown Dallas. Whoa baby…it’s been a long time since I had to fight the morning commute. It was at that very second I began making mental memos, a running tabulation so to speak of all that I take for granted in my daily life. In the next instant, I changed my attitude into gratitude.

Thank You Jury Duty

  • Thank you jury duty for reminding me just how thankful I’m to be a FITness professional. I humbly cherish my career path and the small fact that my office is approximately 15 paces from my back door.
  • As I kissed baby girl goodbye, waiting for her ride to school, I was immediately thankful that I have the luxury to drive her to and from school every day.
  • I work from home and therefore beyond blessed and thankful that I don’t have to fight traffic 5 days a week. Whoa! I was a corporate road warrior for approximately 9 years and I forget how daunting the drive can be!
  • I’m oh so thankful that I don’t have to pay or worry about parking. My goodness y’all, parking was $15! That’s insane. I honestly don’t now how the folks that work downtown afford it.
  • I’m beyond thankful that each day I’m greeted by smiling, happy, enthusiastic workout warriors and friends. It felt so strange to be in a large waiting room with hundreds of adults that seemed utterly miserable. No one was friendly. There was no banter or light chit-chat. In fact most people were napping, reading or playing with their phones. I was praying I would see one familiar face.
  • Thankfully, after about two hours, I heard my name called. I was selected and assigned to a court. Game on!
  • I was number 34 of 38 people shuffled into elevators and parked in a hallway to once again patiently wait. My new peer group told me to be very thankful for my numerical placement.
  • Lucky me, I finally see a familiar face and enjoy a brief conversation with a friend who just happened to be in the building to mae a delivery. (prayer answered)
  • I was thankfully intrigued with the voir dire experience and inspired greatly by the words and charisma of Judge Ken Tapscott.
  • I was cheerfully thankful to be released from my duty at noon. All in a days work.
  • Wanting to use my time wisely, I made a surprise visit to see my sweet grand mother who is 89 years old. Isn’t she beautiful? I was thankful to spend time with her.
  • I was doubly blessed and thankful to see and hug my mom on a random Tuesday afternoon!
  • To top it off, I thankfully made it home in plenty of time to workout and train a group of giddy afternoon workout warriors.


All in all, I had a great experience and applaud the Dallas County jury system. I also want to extend my sincere gratitude for the summons. My experience yesterday really shined a bright light on many of daily nuances that I take for granted. I’m seriously so grateful to live in American and essentially be living my American dream. I’m one proud and thankful American! Good ol USA!  Home of the free and the brave!  The red white and blue, I love you!

Love, peace and civil service grease!


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