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This post contains an exclusive offer!!

Many of you know that my daddy has owned and operated a boutique optical store in Arlington, Texas called Anderson Optical and Hearing Aids in Bedford, Texas.

He has and exclusive offer that I felt compelled to pass on to all of my FITastic readers! It is a very special offer for any style of  Ray Ban sunglasses and or eyewear.

For over 42 years dad has operated two Anderson Optical locations. After recently consolidating to one store he has NOT replenished his Ray Ban stock.  In order for him to keep his retailer Ray Ban account current he needs at least 30 orders.  Therefore he is offering exclusive wholesale pricing to any of his new or past customers. This means you only pay the wholesale cost-plus shipping.  This special offer is only good on any Ray Ban purchased and ordered now until the end of the month.

If by the end of this month, June 30th,  he has enough committed sales he will place the order.

Here is what you do:

1) pick out any Ray Ban on your wish list via the Ray Ban web site high lighted in purple above ⇑ or go to your nearest retailer who sales Ray Bans.

2) Pick out the model number and the style.

2)  C all Lydia at Anderson Optical and place your order.  817-354-4350 ask for Lydia.
email back or comment with questions.

AGAIN:  Place an order for a pair or multiple pairs of Ray Ban¹s from his office (Anderson Optical) now thru June 30th and ONLY pay the wholesale cost of the sunglasses plus shipping.  Go on to Ray Ban and find a pair you like. Call Lydia at
Anderson Optical to place your order and only pay the wholesale cost
plus shipping.

817-461-8123 Anderson Optical and Hearing Aids

Anderson Optical and Hearing Aids  ↵ (Like us on Facebook)

Feel free to share this with your friends and family and co workers.

I have placed my order for several more pair of these…i love the colored lenses img_5002

Love, Peace and Ray Bans!!!  

Angi xo



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