Bringing Sweaty Back

Shut the ____ door!

What do you need to shut the door on? #abercrombiefitness #fitnessblogger #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #mealplan #mealprep #healthydiet #cleaneating #exercise #fitnessmotivation

Abercrombie & FITness

February has arrived and I have never felt more compelled to share some awesome news.   We are basically in month two of a brand spanking new year.  We are at the tip-top of the month and I’m here to encourage you to shut the _______(fill in the blank) door on life’s leeches sucking your mind, time and energy.  Tis the season to shut the front/back door and while you’re at it, shut the FAT door and ALL the other doors open that are draining you dry.

It’s been said that the year 2017 is in alignment with biblical prophecy for rebirth and great change. Entering into this bright bold new year is a  foretold mind-set of inheritance.  A convergence, if you will, of empowerment and promotion.  We as a people and a nation are shifting from a dull negative narrative to a glossy assignment for alignment.  Don’t you just love that!?!?!  Now,  I…

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