Bringing Sweaty Back

FITness Fetish

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Abercrombie & FITness

Do you ever feel like you’re suffocating from all of the STUFF?

Sometimes I look around my house and feel like a hostage.  I’m surrounded by too much clutter, not to be confused for my admitted furniture fetish.  I’m addicted to furniture…so sue me!

My Mr. Chicken Fry  has a big time FOOT fetish.  He pays attention to FEET and thankfully adores mine!  It’s a serious thing this fetish of his.  I literally have girlfriends that will unequivocally NOT come around my hubby if they aren’t properly polished and pedicured to perfection.  It’s true!  They fear the wrath of the Chicken Fry mock! He will openly rake you over the coals for poor foot care.

I had this photo made as a surprise wedding gift.  I snuck out his two mangy amazing labs under the radar but what he loved most was my bare foot!!!

I guess…

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