Bringing Sweaty Back

10 Summer wacky workout ideas

Activity and Summer go hand in hand. Here are a few ideas that burn calories and are family friendly. #personal trainer #abercrombiefitnessapproved #exercise #burncalories #summer #fitnessblogger

Abercrombie & FITness

At the risk of sounding altogether cheesy, I want to offer up some entertaining Summer workout ideas.  My goal is get your creative juices flowing so you can escape the traditional concepts of workout.  It’s all about perspective right?!   I have outlined some family friendly FITastic ideas to keep you and those you love challenged and active.  Please note that the MAJORITY of these ideas cost ZERO out of pocket dollars!  This is FREE ninety nine advice and low cost economical FITness frenzied good time.  Contrary to popular belief,  FITness isn’t expensive!

1)  Sports FANS

Play ball….any kind of ball.  Have a ball playing ball.  This is my kind of activity because it’s a team sport.  I really like group games/ gatherings.  Beware…it is my personal experience that all too often a family friendly game tends to turn ugly.  Games like basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, dodge ball, football…

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