Bringing Sweaty Back

Out of Place

Have you ever felt out of place? insecurity takes over and your brain checks out. Click here for some FITness insight. #abercrombiefitness #personaltrainer #fitnessblogger

Abercrombie & FITness

I can’t be the only person who slightly gags and utterly grosses out at the mere thought of a hair brush laying on top of the kitchen counter. Anybody else feeling my vibe on this one?  How about a pair of tennis shoes or sweaty stinky socks lying on the dining table or counter top?  Do any either of these scenarios make your cringe?  NAH -ASTY!

HEllo, it’s because they are out-of-place!!  These items don’t belong there!   A hairbrush, in my world, has no place around or near the kitchen area.  In my mind there is like a 10 to 12 foot unspoken, invisible radiant barrier that surrounds the kitchen /dining/ food area from certain toiletry items.  This force field is to never to be penetrated by a brush, comb, hair tie, rubber band, head band, hair spray, deodorant or anything that might contaminate the food area.  Also on…

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