Bringing Sweaty Back


The teen queen is soon to be a high school graduate and to celebrate the occasion I’m throwing a party! She wanted the party to be frilly and fun.

I rented a OH MY SUGAR BAR gorgeous full 8 feet by 8 feet flower wall as a picture backdrop! It’s feminine and soft for all the grad party pics.


I have purchased tribute table decor from Hobby Lobby! I fell in love with these easy to hang flowers. Streamers of pink flowers to give the back drop a soft touch. I purchased fabric and tuul as a table cover. Sprinkle with fresh rose petals fresh from my back yard!


We will be serving street tacos and chips and salsa from ESPARZAS GRAPEVINE!

Dessert mini bundtini’s from Nothing Bundt Cakes!


Make party cleaning a breeze. These disposable pop-up trash bins are a lifesaver. They simply pop up, trash goes in, and the whole thing dumps into the trash once it’s full. It’s clean, neat and a perfect solution for the party trash problems. There is a large variety of colors, themes, and patterns to choose from.

Amazon makes a version 13 gallon TRASH CUBES 6 for $20

They also make a 30 gallon version simply add a liner and let the party begin!

Mr. Chicken Fry and I have been fast and furious doing the punch list fix me up’s for the house! Included in this was some home decor spruce up ideas from none other than AMAZON DESIGN!


If you have two or twenty…these Amazon gift cards are darling!

How Cute is this Amazon gift card and gift box. Choose from $25-$2000 to load onto the card. Amazon gift cards are a superior selection. Let the graduate do the shopping!


Towel wraps – These soft velcro towel wraps will be a hit for the new college co-eds! I ordered these classic waffled towel wraps in pink and white. To make it personal, we professionally monogramed the pocket for each gift. SO CUTE and sure to keep the girls dry and covered from the shower.


No one wants to iron especially a fresh off the boat college boy. But what they may not know is frats and sports demand collard shirts. This portable steamer will take the wrinkles out and keep the co-eds looking sharp! I purchased a boatload of them! They may not think it’s a nifty gift at first but I hear a steamer comes in uber handy!!!! For boys and girls, I have heard a steamer is a must-have item and perk of a gift. A fabric steamer will come in handy for so many things. Steaming bedding, curtains, shirts for frat or rush parties. Steaming dresses and last-minute outfit changes. Only $26 and a unisex bright idea.

Desk ART Paper weight $24

BedShelfie – Well if this isn’t billy bad to the bone good I don’t know what is! It come in several sizes and is perfect for dorm life and or bunk bed living spaces.

A BURST electric toothbrush! One of the most powerful motors on the market, combined with super soft charcoal bristles, giving you the deepest clean without doing damage. With 33,000 Sonic Vibrations per minute, BURST reduces gum bleeding up to 3x more after just 15 days, versus a manual toothbrush. Plus use code SAVE10 for additional 10 percent off!


Of course I love this CALL MOM PILLOW CASE! A funny cute, usable gift. coming in at $15.

These mutliple collaspable pants and or shirt hangers are the bomb dot com for saving space. 4 tier hanger with 360 swivel hook. Coming in at $23.

IKEA bags for moving! These apparently are the big big MUST HAVE deal for moving! I have loade up on these and borrowed a few too!

This is all I can think of for now! My brain is dead!

Love yall!


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