Bringing Sweaty Back

Smiling Sharon: inspiring grit

How could anyone forget this smile! Sharon’s sweet smile and precious heart came to me virtually about 9

am so grateful for Angi and her work-outs! They helped me to get through a Spartan Race on June 12, 2021 that had been postponed from June of 2020.
Leading up to March 2020, I lived in MI and worked out 2 hrs/day 5-6 days/week. When my gym and yoga studio closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, I was so upset and refused to work-out for several weeks! It was a big part of my life and I enjoyed the friends I met while working out.

Then I’d hear Cassie Sugarplum talk about her friend Angi and Angi’s work-outs so I tried to get back on the wagon and work-out from my basement and a laptop. Like others have said, I enjoyed the chatter during the work-outs because it made them go by fast. I welcomed the variety of the work-outs and the exercises were challenging and strength building. Plus, Angi’s physique is inspiring so I was confident they’d work!
Last September, we moved to TX and I continued to do the SP Girl Gang work-outs from our Dallas apartment and then from our new home in Prosper. As December 31stapproached, our team had to decide if we were going to go ahead and pick a new date for the Spartan Race or skip it and take the credit for merchandise. We had a big team in CT filled with family members. Most of us were all in and we picked June 12, 2021 in Bethel, NY. As the date approached, it seemed like it was a “go!” this year.

I needed to think about a training plan. The more I thought about it, the more I knew Angi’s work-outs would prepare me well. Upper body strength would be key. She does a lot of upper body work with weights/ push-ups and a variety of planks. She’d do some bear crawls and shouted out that those would be helpful to me too. It was nice that she thought of me…as hard as bear crawls can be! I cannot forget the leg strength that would be needed to tackle the hills whether going up or down. Angi does lunges and squats and leg lifts.
The Spartan Race was 3.7 miles long and had 20 obstacles. It took place where the famous Woodstock music festival happened in 1969. There were rolling grassy hills and hilly trails through the dense woods over logs and fallen down trees. We trudged through ultra thick, waist deep mud towards the beginning and the end. There was a repetition of dirt declines and inclines to climb out of. Other obstacles were all kinds of walls…inverted, cargo net, rope wall. One wall in particular stood out to me. I ran up to it and stopped in my tracks. I am 5’9″ and it was taller than me. I just stared at it until a teammate yelled “just jump up and pull your legs up.” I thought to myself…THAT is the problem! But I gave it a try and it worked.

I thought…”Thank you, Angi, for making my arms and abs strong” and jumped off the top. Angi does all kinds of sit-ups and crunches, pikes, planks, planks with sliders, bear crawls. There were many other walls too. One at the end (see picture), involved a rope on the incline. I conquered the walls- anything to avoid doing the penalty of 30 burpees!
Anyway, the race came to an end. A bunch of us crossed the finish line together because we were a team (and wanted a group photo of us jumping over the fire, see pic). My girls and boyfriend/son’s girlfriend all crossed the finish line after us and we got to see them. My son was way ahead and did the whole race in 48 minutes. I was able to walk the next day pain free too! Never got sore. Maybe a touch stiff and quite a few black and blue marks.
Thank you, Angi!

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