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Prime day + Healthy Savvy Fun Finds

For a full look at all the Abercrombie and FITness top picks for activewear, fitness equipment, kitchen essentials, muscle recovery, supplements and sparkle click HERE!

Have you heard of AIR TAGs?

Apple has now made it easy and crazy affordable to find your stuff! By stuff I mean your dogs, cats, animals, bags, keys, purse, or whatever you lose the most! Keep track of your stuff with AIRTAGS! Click on the image for direct link to the product.

KEY CHAIN PROTECTOR – I’m a sucker for pink and gold so this little bobble is my jam!

And look at these nifty silicone dog collars! Who knew?? They come in all the colors and clip directly into the dog collar.

And these dangling dog collar charms hold the airtags in place! Each comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Next up is an Abercrombie and FITness essential. If you don’t have a percussion massage gun now is your chance! This mega-powerful speed control massage gun is the bomb! IT will work out sore muscles, knots or general discomfort. Your household will fight over it. This makes a great gift! We have had ours for just under 6 months. This sucker holds a charge for weeks! It’s way above board!

H\ave you tried PRIME WARDROBE? TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! I love it! I have been using it for about two years now. You select items that you want to try such as workout clothes, sports bras, active wear, lunge wear, shoes, accessories, dresses, shorts, pants, jeans, tops, tanks, blouse, or romper and after 7 days you send back what you don’t like or keep what you LOVE! You are not charged for the items until the 8th day! It’s a great way to try new styles and keep your

SKINNY YOUTH – Subscribe and SAVE

I have been using Skinny Youth collagen powder since January. This brand came highly recommended for a healthy beautiful client whose skin and hair is ultra-fabulous. She told me to use two scoops in my morning coffee. This powder is good for overall hydration and promoting digestive health. It’s great for skin elasticity and overall joint and muscle strength. YES PLEASE! What I do think is cool is that this brand, SKINNY YOUTH, has a fruit punch , mango and or chocolate flavored powder to mix in water or milk. I’m not a big flavor girl so I use the flavorless and put it in my coffee every morning!

Nuskin ap24 toothpaste

LUMIFY – eye drops –

Speaking of white – These drops are the real deal. Best of all no sting, just bling bling white! I have been using these suckers since the pandemic and boy have they been a game changer. In seconds your eye are changed – no red !

Amazon Alexa for home! We have three of these bad boys! One in our bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the gym! It’s our radio. It’s our sleep sound machine at night! It’s my grocery list! We pack our Alexa and take it everywhere we go.

Alexa has a phone app. I can tell Alexa to “Alexa, add honey to the grocery list” and voila it’s on my phone! It sinks with Spotify or we listen to Amazon music!

THE TRX suspension trainer is a hot item for home or outdoor gym use. I have been training my clients on this for over 20 years! you can do chest and back exercises as well as squats, lunges suspended ab tucks and much much much more!

BOSU Balance Trainer is a wonderful functional piece of workout equipment to improve balance and core strength.

ANKLE WEIGHTS – 10-pound ankle weights are not for sissys! Ankle weights can enhance any workout. Strap the velcro weights around your ankle for step-ups or walking. Work the ankle weights for isolated inner or outer thigh movements. Sometimes I strap both one leg for legit burnout!

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