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I mustache you a question?

When I meet someone for the first time and they realize I’m a FITness professional they immediately develop a stereotype and file me away into a category somewhere in their subconscious.  I will never know exactly which category I fall into nor do I want to know.  Human nature is so fascinating and last time I checked we are all humans and guilty of stereotyping.  For instance, TRUE STORY, the time I was introduced to a gynecologist at a 6-year-old play date.  In seconds I was judging her and wondering if we could be friends.  I was silently asking myself questions one of which was “I wonder if she ever gets tired of…well…looking down there”?  Thank goodness I subconsciously activated my filter.  

I often get asked, “Don’t you get tired of eating healthy all of the time?  Do you ever get worn out of exercising”?

My “in head” response is,  “Do you EVER get tired of eating the same crappy food day in and day out?  Aren’t you sick and tired of feeling sluggish, out of breath and out of shape”?  

Seriously people! How do they expect me to answer this?  “Umm, yes, I’m totally over the whole feeling energized and amazing every day thing.  I mean, always fitting into my clothes and having perfect blood pressure really gets on my nerves after a while.”  

People, get annoyed with chronic fatigue, unexplained exhaustion,  poor circulation, weight gain and depression.  Get excited FITness because it can sustain your life.  And for those of you with kids, from what I hear, being in good physical condition is a requirement when you move your child off to college.  Apparently it’s a twice a year move and quite labor intensive. 

  • lowered blood pressure
  • weight loss
  • increased stamina
  • improved circulation
  • healthy heart
  • sleep improvement 
  • muscle tone

Begin today and map out an authentic FITness plan that encompasses three things, cardiovascular, diet, and weight training.  I would prefer that you trust me and pick all three for the FITness trifecta.  However, if you can dedicate yourself and pick two of the three you will experience results.  Give me two days of power walking or jogging and eating a healthy balanced diet.  Making these two changes will result in weight loss and increased energy.  I guarantee it! I have lived it!  

PS – The gynecologist at the beginning of the story is now one of my dearest friends and my doctor!  Ain’t life grand!

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