Bringing Sweaty Back

Transition Time

Workout warriors, it’s time to bust the capri’s out!  The slight chill in the air and my ghostly white legs signal that it’s time to transition into fall.

Capri’s and a tank top are the perfect happy medium between shorts and leggings. You can layer this look with a sweatshirt, hoodie or zip up pull over.  A long sleeve workout top and vest is also a sporty look coming in and out of the gym or grocery store! lol   I realize that between trainer fees, and monthly gym dues, kids activities and everything else we have to pay for…our workout gear is often low on the budget.  Here are a few pieces that won’t break the bank and put a little pep in your step.

Lululemon is high end designer workout wear.  They make quality products at high price point.  There are some items that I simply cannot live without such as the “Speed Short” and the “Vinyasa Scarf”.   The scarf is not your typical throw around your neck piece.  It is a LUXTREME  item that has its own You Tube video because it can be worn in a variety of ways.  I love a good 10 for one!  Check out this link to see the Vinyasa Scarf in action!   Scarf, vest, shawl, halter top, and hoodie just to name a few!

Lululemon Luxtreme capri $88
old navy burnt out sweat shirt and capri
old navy pull over and capri
old navy capri
Lululemon compression capri $88

If you want a great pair of capri’s that are fun and stylish but under $30, the best bang for your buck is Old Navy.  Sport the look for less and save which means you can buy more pieces!  I like Old Navy’s active wear because they always have plenty of styles and colors to choose from. The compression crops shown above are currently on clearance for $15.95  That’s a steal!  In my experience the Old Navy capri’s and leggings will last about two years before the stretch and give are shot!  Assuming your really active in your active wear!  lol  

TARGET, my home away from home, runs hot and cold on active wear.  The fit on the crops are not as  precise and giving as I would like.  They do offer the “look for less” and do a dang good job at a copy cat of LuLu.   I think that each Target carries different items and I don’t always shop at the same store.  

Naturally you can always hit a DICKS or ACADEMY for the latest trends in Nike and Under Armor.  Both brands make great dry fit compression crops for all shapes and sizes.

If you know me, you know that I’m NOT a label only girl.  I spread the love around. I own top of the line to bottom of the barrell. I buy things because I like it!  I buy because perhaps it’s a super fab fit or sale that I can’t pass up.  I don’t buy things just because of the brand.  I endorse brands and things that I love.  I’m honest about the things that don’t work for me.  Sharing information is sweet because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and wear out our wallets.  

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