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Soon it will be Christmas Day…turkeys

I can’t deny that I had a tiny bit to much to drink last night. Not so much that I missed my training this morning, but just enough to make me feel yucky and tired. To keep it real it, I must admit it that the amount of wine I drank was not necessarily the problem.  The real issue was the food intake or lack there of!  Sometimes the girl talk simply over shadows the desire for food. 

My grumbly tummy and dull headache today have been a constant reminder that the holiday season is upon us!  Thanksgiving, office parties, holiday lunch and dinner celebrations will be happening everywhere. I know first hand how easy it is to pit fall into the festivities and eat or drink too much. In my case last night I didn’t eat enough food and did not hydrate properly. This reeks havoc on my body, ruins a perfectly productive day and it affects my skin!  What a bummer. 

So over the next few months it is consequential to be mindful of the following advice in terms of maintaining a FIT physique and looking your best!  Also known as no turkey day muffin tops and or flabby  Christmas dress arms!


  • Eat before you go

If there is the slightest doubt in your pretty little head that the buffet or dinner will not offer a healthy option, eat before you go to the party!  It’s a real good idea to do this anyway because take it from me I know all to well what happens at a party!  You grab a cocktail and mingle for what seems like 30 minutes and the next thing you know it’s 2 hours later and the food is gone!  Or it’s 2 hours later and your so hungry you could eat your own flesh and you end up overeating and blowing it!  People listen up, not eating leads to over eating!  

  • Hydrate hydrate, hydrate

Good ol H20 is never a bad thing. Drinking water has a variety of benefits. To name a few, drinking a large glass or bottle of water before a meal will help you stay full and satisfied for a long period of time…maybe 45 minutes to an hour! (Not exactly insurmountable but hey and hour is an hour). It can also help stave off hunger pangs!  Water is great for your skin!  Lastly, if you plan to drink, it’s a splendid idea to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage!  Hydrating in between helps prevent dehydration caused from excessive alcohol intake.  Also, drink a full bottle of water before you go to bed after a night of cocktails.  

  • Eat the dessert

Assuming you have been putting in your time at the gym and eating well, eat the desert!  Make a better bad choice but eat the dessert. I usually take a piece of cake or a cookie, have a few bites and then I toss it in the trash!  I fulfilled my need for something sweet without guilt or shame. 

I’ll be talking more about what not to drink and what not to eat over the holidays .               We have exactly 49 days until Christmas!!!  49 days to lose weight, get those abs or arms you have always wanted!  49 days to change your eating habits and greet 2016 with great expectations!  


Ps Full disclosure: I’m placing FULL BLAME of my mini hangover on my dear friend and prayer warrior from Austin, Texas!  It’s your my fault I have been dusting Chardonnay cob webs out of my head all morning. Your over night visit was a blast and girl no one keeps me up till 1am on a school night!!  #worthit #cma’s #pj’s #slumberparty #schoolgirls #cantwaittillnexttime 

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