Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara, The FITting Room (FITastic fashion & sales)

The FITting room

IMG_6423I’m not a big shopper!  I really on shop when I need something or have a function to attend.  Apparently I don’t get the euphoric high so many of my friends experience. What’s wrong with me?  I almost experience the polar opposite effect!  I engage in these crazy conversations with myself like “is this top $70 cute?” or “I really love this but where will I wear it?” I get really anxious and what’s worse, I have buyers remorse, in a bad way!   I’m trying to get past it.  I’m a one stop shopper and I like to get in and get out. So, on Saturday when my daughter and her friend begged me to take them to an outdoor mall (which meant I needed t hang around) I almost threw up in my mouth. I would rather be doing ANYTHING on a beautiful Saturday besides shopping!  In any case, I gave in and decided to have some fun in the FITing room.

Now I’m such a sucker for a “two for one”. For some reason I guess I feel like I’m cheating the system!  I’m totally energized when I get more bang for my buck! Aren’t we all!  It was my lucky day and I must share the exciting news with you!  Lululemon has some nice sale items and irresistible 2 for 1’s!!!

These colorful crops are on sale for $49 red with a printed waist band. The reverse side is a bright burnt orange (as shown below) and a perfect look for fall!  This color is also available in a longer legging. (While supplies last)  The workout top is a two piece reversible number!  One side is a peacock colored print.  It is also reversible and the inside is bright turquoise. The meshed up tank is on sale for $44 and offered in a variety of colors. See pic below

This fall to winter outfit is a pretty peacock green color. The down fitted vest is perfect for running and has zipper pockets!

 The vest comes in a variety of colors and is $138 and the crops are $88. The run swiftly under top is almost always available in fun colors.

  I’m wild about the wild about it tank. I just love the way it droops in the back. The built in bra is snug and great for yoga or running. It comes in many colors. These black crops feel amazing but sadly are not on sale.

The black and white crops in the top picture were also on sale for $49. However I could not decide if the horizontal stripes were flattering?  The optical illusion was too confusing for me.  In all sincerity the FITting room lights are not very generous!  And do I really need to see myself from every angle?!?

  Vent it out crop

Sale alert!  Have fun and you can always shop lululemon on line under the “we made to much” tab.  I shopped at Lululemon Southlake Town Square.

Any athletic wear or active wear you love?  Share your FITting stories!

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