Bringing Sweaty Back

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties!

Mountain Climbers and burpees are equivalent to bringing out the big guns!  You gotta grind, dig deep and put on your big boy undies or big girl panties and move!  It’s time to graduate to the good stuff.  These two exercises are difficult but beyond effective.  Every ounce of energy you put into a mountain climber or burpee is worth it.

I know…you can’t stand them. Believe me, I get it. I use to despise mountain climbers above all other exercises I had ever done. Hands on the ground, blood rushing to my head while my butt bounces in the air completely exposed for all the world to see!  The thing about this movement that I have grown to love is how quickly it will activate your heart rate!   It’s a practical movement for your core, shoulders ham strings and quads!  I’m all about the “four for ones!”  Place your hands on stable ground and set up in a push up position.  Begin to hop your foot one at a time repetitively towards your hands! To increase the difficulty or intensity of the exercise swing the front foot to the outside of the hands!

The burpee is generally the most hated exercise in the gym!  Probably because it has been known to cause burping…aka vomiting!  It’s not for the weary.  It’s a tough, grade “A” challenging movement that involves explosive jumping and planking. It sculpts beautiful arms and demands stamina from the heart! I guarantee that you will huff and puff through a set of these babies!  FORSURE!  Begin in a push up position, perform a push up then jump up to your feet!  Jump straight up toward the sky with your hands above your head and then quickly jump back into the push up position.  Told you…gruesome! The burpee can be done anywhere you have a body’s length of space!

I’m taking a survey… which of these two exercises do you LIKE the most?  ;))

Special thanks to my daughter for the spectacular camera work and guest appearance from my doggie FAITH! 

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  1. I love this article! Please keep them coming. I love mountain climbers too…burpees, not so much, but I love the results 💪🏻

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