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Oscar Challenge workout #11 (videos) 

As promised…

I deliver your workout number #11 for the red carpet ready Oscar 6 week Challenge.  Any success or struggles with these workouts to report?


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It’s YO 11  lucky 11

Click below for a video and a smile 

Workout #11 smile !!!

Workout #11 

dead curl press  – on or off the bosu – 20 reps

shoulder presses  20 reps

jack Knife’s 

hip thrusts

back fly’s

Repeat 5-10 sets



I’m ready for some time out of the house.  Nurse time is over.  It’s tending to me time.  I’m out the door now to meet a girlfriend for some much needed catch up time and cardio in the sunshine.   Find your yes today.  

Love, glow and off you go….

Angi xo

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