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Oscar challenge workout 10 (video)

Question of the day, who looks better Leo or Oscar?  That’s a toss up to me….Oscar is buff!  

Welcome to week 4 of my Oscar 6 week red carpet ready challenge.  

If you’re just joining me, I have been posting 3 workouts a week for the past three weeks. I wonder if any workout renegades are bringing sweaty back and toughing it out every other day with me?!  I’m feeling pretty tight and spry. 

Today, I’m mixing it up with a 10 to 1 workout. 

YES, sweat angel it’s repetitive…but you better believe it’s effective. 

10 to 1  

 I take 6 movements and complete each one for 10 reps.  No rest time. Moving right into the same 6 exercises for 9 reps spiriling down until I have reached zero. I take a water break and rest for 5 to 7 minutes before climbing back up to 10!  

This is called 10 to fatigue! The exact math is 110 reps of each exercise.  Don’t focus on the numbers sweat-heart, focus on your form. 

Bringing Basic Back💪🏽💪🏽

Basic moves fashioned in a repiticious format will leave your muscles-fired up!

Kick backs on the bosu 

Diamond push ups on the bosu 

Squats on the bosu 

Curls on the bosu 

Squat crunch on the bosu

Sit up twist 


Don’t forget, it’s FIT Tuesday!  ðŸ’ªðŸ½

Love, high five, c u on the flip side!

Angi xo   

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