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Oscar Challenge workout 12 (video)

Come on get happy!  It’s Friday!


Anyone remember this guy? Roberto Benigne, the director from Italy.

Roberto at the Oscars  ←watch this clip.  


He was so filled with excitement and shock, that he lept out of his seat unto arm rest of the person in front of him seat and paraded from seat to seat to the stage. His joy from wining this prestigious award was contagious.

Ladies and Gentleman let’s get contagious about workout.  Let’s bring this enthusiasm to the gym baby and rock it!

 Friday is here and we are wrapping up the end of week 4 in our 6 week red carpet ready challenge.  Now, I fully realize that most of us are not preparing for the actual red carpet.  But the red carpet for you just mint be that little black dress, that special bikini for spring break, those shorts you want to sport when the weather is warm, or that tank top with no flab arms.  Whatever the reason I have given you 3 workouts a week for the past four weeks.  You should be starting to feel the change.  

So without further a-do, Let’s do it…


Workout 12  


Side dips (add weight)

curtsy lunge with curl

side lunge onto the BOSU

TRX squat and twist

full sit ups on the ball

plank side lateral

Step up’s kick out


**4 minutes each round

**each exercise is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off!  

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day cutie pie!

Love, big smooches and be kind to your pooches!

Angi xo

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