Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Recently Sports Illustrated  featured a plus size model on the cover of the 2016 swimsuit edition.  Ashley Graham is a 29 year old model who boldly stands at 5’9.5 inches.  She is all things beautiful and deserving of this historical accomplishment.

I have always believed that beauty is not a cookie cutter or a one size FITs all.  It is also true for FITness. Each person has a unique make up coupled with generational inherited traits that determine how the body is designed.   It is the mind inside the human that determines the ultimate FITness level.  At 5’4.5 inches what my body can hold in weight and muscle is different for someone at 5’9. 

On my mother’s side of the family, I’m from a long blood line of short women.  It’s the common thread woven throughout our genetics.  However, what we lack in vertical reach is made up in fancy tall sparkly high heel shoes!  YES, we all inherited the short gene but because we have different dad’s, we have way different body types.  For instance, several of us have very boy-like shapes with no hips.  On the other hand several have pear-shaped figures and shapely hips. I won’t get into breasts because what we pay for is our own business.  lol

We don’t determine the way we are shaped BUT we can shape what we have been given. -Angi Abercrombie



diet and exercise

You may not like your boyish no hip figure.  (I speak from experience about this) Therefore you must sculpt other muscles to give the illusion that you actually have a small waist.  I have to work hard to lifting to shape my back so that it appears broad so that it appears I have a smaller waist.  I hand craft and whittle my waist with weights and side dips.  I’m in a c instant state of activating my abdominals to keep my core tight and lean.  I also work double time to expand and grow my buttock muscles by lifting heavy weight.  I’m trying to get the optical illusion of a pronounced lifted round booty.  It’s the only way.

Eating properly and weight lifting is the key to keeping fat off.  You eat to feed your muscles.  Feed your muscles good lean protein to sculpt your body.  The body responds to how you treat it with food and exercise.  
What to know how to fill out or whittle down an area of your body?  Comment below.  Let me help you shape your figure and be FIT for life!

Love sculpt and shape your way!!!

Angi xo


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