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Spring TEEN

Yesterday,  Monday morning of spring break for Baby Girl.  I woke up early to do my daily gig as a trainer and whip my clients booties.  No lunch to make, no morning routine to rush through.  After three straight hours of gym time, I returned to a quiet house at 9am. AWESOME.  I ‘ll have time to write and check emails for at least an hour before anyone is up and disturbing my solitude. Another cup of coffee please! 


By 10am Baby Girl was up and asking to have a friend over.  YES, with a smile…that will buy me at last another hour and a half.  After that, the girls will most certainly require food and transportation to their next social function. Next on my list was to get outside and run the dog and maybe lounge by the pool.  I had a beautiful vision of sun bathing while writing blog posts,  hard workouts and other fun FITness stuff.

Mom?  Yes babe… Trip to  TARGET please?!  Really?  It’s so nice outside.  Can’t you just play outside?  Like go be creative and make stick forts and mud pies and ride bikes and climb trees and walk the creek, and enjoy freeze tag until DARK?  Doesn’t that sound like more fun and adventurous?  I mean you have extra hours of day light to use up! Don’t waste an ounce of it!   No, that doesn’t sound fun?

Of course it doesn’t duh… Baby Girl is, after all 13, which is practically grown by 7th grade girl standards! (sigh/eyeroll)

Then it happened… something inside of me snapped like a sugar snap pea.  If I’m not going to get my pool time, I’m going to MAKE some memories.  I said, ok I’ll take you to Target BUT you’re going to practice driving a car after the leave the store!  I sounded really demanding and sergeant like!  Her eyes were as big as the Texas Stars.  What?  Really? Are you serious?   Why not…got to start sometime.


 Tween age is a funny thing.  Parenting at the middle school age is hard to balance. Giving a little freedom but not to much…careful to check in but not hover.  Love up on her but not cramp her style.  Teach her life lessons in a way that isn’t too risky or in her face. Share information but not too much.  Answering questions as they come…careful to tell the truth but maybe not the whole truth.  Whoa!!!  It’s serious business.

They have their plans all mapped out for us.  Take me here, drop me at this time, pick me up around…etc  The time change hasn’t even effected her at all.  But next week we will  surely die!!


 What’s your week look like?  Are you working but your kids are on break?  Are you enjoying this blog post sipping on an umbrella drink with your toes in the sand?  Or hot chocolate at a ski lodge?

Love your teen and everything in-between !

Angi xo


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