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Day Drinking

I wanted to be the first to tell you that I did indeed drink four beers this past Saturday at the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Dallas.  Me and Mr. Chicken Fry were invited to a VIP roof top patio party at Dodie’s Reef on lower Greenville. This was a prime spot for fellowship, fun and people watching (above the fray).  This is a typical New Orleans style street party in a sea of green that would gradually unfold and turn ugly fast.   

The parade began at 11am but I had to train my regular Saturday workout warriors.  Therefore we arrived fashionably late at about 12:30pm which by my 42-year-old standards was WAY to early. (lol) From years of experience, I knew full well that this type of afternoon merriment involves longevity and establishing a slow pace.  I ate a hearty breakfast at home and chose to drink beer and bottled water.  Also, I usually only drink champagne or wine and  these drinks are not condusive for a long afternoon affair…well not for me anyway.

As a middle-aged woman, I know myself pretty darn well and I’m comfortable in my own skin.  A part of my wisdom is knowing that I’m NOT a good day drinker.  The fact is, alcohol is a depressant.  For some folks a few drinks will shoot them straight up high like a rocket ship.  For me, alcohol does exactly what it is suppose to do…its job.  Under the perfect circumstances alcohol loosens me up and allows me to unwind.   However, sooner than later alcohol simply makes me hungry and tired. (yawn) Mr. Chicken Fry would also add that champagne and no food makes me MEAN. To that I say…then feed me smart a, jack a, Mr. Donkey, big guy!   

Mid party I commend myself with a pat on the back for getting up early to run 2 miles before an hour long workout.  Speaking of that…a bottled water please.  GO me!   

Now, back to the party.  I order a second Michelob Ultra which is a superior light beer and Mr. Chicken Fry looks at me like I have two heads.  No honey I’m not having an affair I just don’t want to over drink.  Side bar, one Michelob ultra has only 95 calories and only 2.6 carbs. Not bad for a beer.  I wanted to drink something that I didn’t really care for so I would not fall into my usual zero to 50 routine.  In my daily life I drink a ton of water.  I gulp it and chug it down all day long.  Therefore when presented with an option for an alcoholic beverage that actually taste good, (champagne is my go to beverage of choice) I unknowingly drink it way too fast and get tipsy in a blink of an eye.  So I figured beer was a safe choice because I truly don’t LOVE the taste.  So sue me!

Mr. Chicken Fry in the sunglasses 

True, I love the look on a bar tenders face when I approach the bar and casually ask for water with lime.  It totally throws them off!  So I put my game face on and I practiced what I preach.  I  engulfed a bottled water in between every drink. I also scarfed down a pork taco with salsa and a few saltine crackers.  Go me!  



Yall, we had VIP wrist bands which granted us access to A BATHROOM on the second level. The only other option was a bank of public port-o-potties behind the restaurant.  At hours one and two there was no line to this secret bathroom.  It was a clean hidden treasure.   As hours three and four passed, it was no longer a private sacred place.  I will take bar napkins in a private bathroom over a drip dry in a smelly overused port o potty any day!  As the crowd grew it was virtually impossible for security to decipher who had access to this special hide away toilet.  The party had grown so big that people were cutting in line.  An older gentleman behind me confronted two girls who blatantly cut ahead of us.  Clearly inebriated the two babies began to protest with profanities.  They proudly expressed their feelings that we… the VIP crowd, were “old and pathetic and jealous.”  CLASSY!!! MMM-K!

All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon in a festive atmosphere and we met some great people.   My biggest take away was realizing that I have reached a pivotal point in my life and that is this…no matter how amazing the party may be, if and when the bathroom situation becomes a serious dilema…it’s time to go!!   Peace out St. Patty’s Day Parade.  


 Was the beer worth the calories? In this case, I would have to say YES!  What did you splurge on this weekend?   

 Love, make a wish and eat some crawfish!!

Angi xo

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