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Funny Muscle


Last Saturday morning I was training one of my more semi serious clients.  Vanessa is a young, beautiful and remarkably bright family law attorney in Dallas.  It was early in the morning and I was on my first few sips of hot coffee.  Meanwhile my hard working workout warrior was at the start of a heavy-set of deadlifts.  

Suddenly and without warning, I felt a deep gurgle pass through my tummy.  Not to alarm her, I  calmly I said, “I may need to run and use the bath room in a few minutes.”  She glanced up and we made eye contact.   Vanessa kept her body in motion and under her heavy breathing she muttered,  “what number?”  

“HUH?!  What in the world did she just say?   With a look of quandary on my face I rebuttaled, “pardon?”  Without hesitation, she softly mumbled again, “what number?”   I was overly dazed and confused as to why my trip to the ladies room would matter so much to her.  Why does she care if I have to go number one or number two?    

I was completely unable to hide the grave question and animated shock written across my face.  She abruptly stopped the exercise and in a clear tone said, “oh, no!  No no no, what I meant was… what number am I on… like how many reps do I have left?”  This time she spoke loudly and her voice was crystal clear.  

With zero hesitation we simultaneously broke out into tearful, hysterical, boisterous belly laughter. We could barely control ourselves. In a blink of an eye we both understood what had just happened.  Talk about a perfectly timed awkward exchange of misunderstanding.  I had been quietly counting for her while she shared a story.  It made perfect sense and kept us tickled for the rest of the session.  


It was definitely a workout for the Abercrombie & FITness record book that’s for dang sure!  Our funny bone muscles were stretched and pushed to the limit.  My stomach hurt from contracting with breathless laughter.  Remember, laughing burns calories and activates those abdominals so giggle till your dizzy!  We did!  I’m here to entertain you Monday thru Friday folks.  


Do you have a comedic gym story?  Share it with me.  I want to work laugh until I can’t breath so please humor me!  

Love, laugh and step on the gas!

Angi xo

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