Bringing Sweaty Back

You say it’s your birthday?

Well it was my birthday too YEAH!  May 8th. 43 years young!  I don’t feel a day over 26!

You say its your birthday by the Beatles

It just so happens that yesterday was my birthday and Mother’s day!  The double doozie combo in all of its glory.  MY DAY!  The day I was born and the day I became a mom are both significant stand out reasons to celebrate so yeah, bring on the love!  I’ll take it.  Show me you mean it.  Shower me with affection.  Hug me, kiss me, feed me cake and let’s call it a day.


I love presents don’t get me wrong but what I like most is being with “my people” eating cake and toasting champagne. I mean who doesn’t cherish a little special treatment on their birthday right?  Hello…Hallmark has built an entire empire on “special treatment.”

I had a ball on my birthday!!!!!    

My festivities started Friday with a small patio party hanging with my gal pals enjoying mexican food.  We giggled, we ate, we cheered and I was tipsy with love and merriment.  As usual, I completed a killer workout on Saturday morning followed by some local campaigning for my friend.  It was a sunny Saturday afternoon so I went for a long run with my doggie dog and spent the rest of afternoon sunbathing by the pool, aka napping!!!  I went to church later that evening The Branch Church  followed by a VICTORY party for my friend…SHE WON!  The celebration called for more champagne, mexican food and you guessed it…cup cakes.  It was totally worth it!


Sometime mid afternoon Sunday, Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl offered up brunch…I could not refuse.  Brace for impact…I wore the buffet line out.  I overdosed on eggs Benedict, fried chicken and waffles.  I washed all of that down with a slither of coconut cream pie and a powdered donut thingy.  I’m touching my gut as I write…URGH. SMH…but totally worth every bite!

Mr. Chicken Fry really gets the cuddos yall.  He out did himself and blessed me with a new gadget.  I love new funky functional workout toys.  He gave me a LG Wireless headset .  It’s so cool.   I went out and used it immediately.  Yes, I went for a run on my birthday so sue me.  I just had to run out and test all of the features and capabilities on this star trekish looking device. I can’t help myself!   Bye bye waffles!  


As far as I know, I’m healthy, injury free, and living the active American Dream!   I’m brightly optimistic about the next 5 to 10 years of life.  God willing, I will be stretched in new areas of business and relationships.  Another year to do and be all that I can be.  To try and learn more and live my life without fear and or regret. To forgive and to be forgiven.

Happy Birthday ! 

Love, sun and beam me up…I’m ready to run!


Stay tuned this week for some FITastic news and reporting on new workout toys.  

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  1. I am soooo excited to follow my dear friend! I’m hoping just looking at your pics will inspire me to train harder!!! You’re so dedicated to all things fitness and it shows!!! Proving you can look better in your 40’s than your 20’s!!!

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