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Emu Elated

WHOO HOO…I did it y’all! I mean I really did it. I’m beyond excited to announce that my arrogant solo campaign to be the new Blue-Emu spokes model kinda sorta, in a round about way, worked out!  Angi Abercrombie for Blue-Emu


After publishing Angi Abercrombie for Blue-Emu a few weeks back I was feeling a bit brave. I had a wave of confidence roll over my spirit.   The “no fear” and “why not”  type of rush nudging me to be bold.  So with my head high and my chest puffed up, I rode the wave of courage and sent a snapshot of my blog post with an email to the fine folks at Blue-Emu demanding to be heard!   After all, I’m their BIGGEST FAN…under the age of 65!  lol

In complete disbelief, I received a phone call approximately four hours from the time I sent the my commanding campaign email.  Y’all, I thought for sure I was being punked by one of Mr. Chicken Fry’s buddies. (would not be the first time)  Looking back now, I’m so thankful that I didn’t jive talk or sass back because it was NOT a prank call.  WHAT???

The next day I was conferenced in on call with the markeing team to discuss MY genius ideas and genuine LOVE for the product. Are you kidding me, is this really happening right now?  Leave it to me to get my long narrow big foot in the door and immediately use it to step on their toes. What was I thinking?  I started swinging instead of pitching ideas. Oops! Really Angi…really…? Why didn’t I ask Mr. Chicken Fry to listen in on the call so he could pinch me when I said something stupid? Who am I to tell them ANYTHING much less my opinion about their target audience and current spokes person. RIGHT…duh!

Sadly the marketing team is not looking for a new spokesmodel so unfortunately I’m not going to be the next Vanna White of Blue-Emu.  So much for my T.V. commercial career.  HOWEVER….and this is the best campaign effort was not a total loss.  


No, this time my dauntless persuasive wordiness and big fat mouth actually paid off!  The champion marketing team actually appreciated my off color candor and offered me a way better opportunity.  It’s now official, I have my first sponsor and monthly guest blogging gig for Blue-Emu. 

I’m in Blue-Emu elation over here!!!  There has been excessive jumping up and down, hugging and screaming in my gym and in my house.  I’m beyond excited to share my passion for FITness and tie it to my 10 year obsession with Blue-Emu.  

What a country!  Thank you Jesus!  

My cheeks hurt because I can’t stop smiling.   Abercrombie & FITness has an official sponsor.  Do you know what this is?  BLOGmentum baby!

So do me a favor (really you will be doing yourself a favor) and check out their website ⇒ BLUE-EMU PRODUCTS .  Also stay up to date and follow them on Blue-Emu Facebook and on Blue-Emu Twitter.  

If you are an athlete, tri-athlete, marathon runner, or a yoga guru…if you workout and lift weights, if you experience chronic aches and desire relief give this product a try.  

ABERCROMBIE_SPRAY-1170-X-220_BANNER_416(2)[2]QUESTION?  Have you ever used Blue-Emu before?   I have been touting it’s results on my sore muscles and joint pain for years.  I solemnly swear by it…Abercrombie FITness approved.    

Love, soothe and spray on the Blue-Emu

Angi xo

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  1. Well, it’s about time they recognize your praise of their product. That stuff really works! And my whole family wouldn’t know it if YOU didn’t tell us about it!. You and Blue Emu saved my daughter’s cheer try out too. We Blue Emu’d and rolled the thigh until she was back to JUMP shape! All because of your love of the Blue Emu!

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