Bringing Sweaty Back

Gun & Roses

Show off your rock star ready Guns and Row-ses. Check out the link in this post for effective exercises for a rock hard and ripped back and biceps!

Abercrombie & FITness

It was a lightning fast response. A sufficient short and sweet answer, Yes!nHeck yes!  We would absolutely love to attend the Guns & Roses reunion concert!!!

In case you’re wondering, I have a secret to maintain a rock star ready physique.  Below, click on the pink link to view a post I wrote in April.   I demonstrate several exercises for the back and biceps that are effective and electric guitar worthy.  Rock on girlfriend.~

Guns & Row-ses←

We busted out our head banging gear and brought our “A” game.  Full out authentic rocker attire with attitude.  We were going to party like it was 1988, the year Sweet Child was released.  After all,  we lived it and we proved that we can still hang!

Bright eyed and ready to rock and roll.  Sure, we are a little older and maybe a tad rusty but we held our own!


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