Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Gun & Roses

It was a lightning fast response. A sufficient short and sweet answer, Yes!nHeck yes!  We would absolutely love to attend the Guns & Roses reunion concert!!!

In case you’re wondering, I have a secret to maintain a rock star ready physique.  Below, click on the pink link to view a post I wrote in April.   I demonstrate several exercises for the back and biceps that are effective and electric guitar worthy.  Rock on girlfriend.~

Guns & Row-ses←

We busted out our head banging gear and brought our “A” game.  Full out authentic rocker attire with attitude.  We were going to party like it was 1988, the year Sweet Child was released.  After all,  we lived it and we proved that we can still hang!

Bright eyed and ready to rock and roll.  Sure, we are a little older and maybe a tad rusty but we held our own!

Welcome to the jungle people.  And no, we will NOT sit down!  We are grinding this puppy out until the grand finale.  We will stand and we will dance and we will sing until our voice gives out!  We will hoop and holler and clap like it’s our first concert ever!  Yes my feet were aching and yes it is way way way past my bed time but I came to get down. YAWN!

Axl Rose took the stage at 10:45 pm!  REALLY Axl? really?  I would think by now he would realize that the majority of the audience has to be at work the next day!  Good grief guy cut us a little slack.  Some of us, hem hem, have baby sitters to relieve and crap to do the next day!!!   It’s not Friday dude.  It’s the middle of the flipping work week Mr. Rose and we don’t usually feed our inner rock star until the weekend! lol

Axl is no spring chicken and certainly not the skinny awkward twenty year old he once was.  But then again who is?  Let’s just say that the majority of the spectators could all use a new and maybe even larger concert T-shirt!

What always interest me most is the level of appreciation I have as an adult for the show and the music. The art of Slash slaying the guitar and the energy coming off the stage was incredible. Where do all of the people come from?  The mass crowd of screaming and gyrating fans  was mesmerizing.  It’s crazy and thrilling!  AT&T stadium was sold out!

Those fire works you see….not the ones between me and Mr. Chicken Fry, the fireworks in the picture…yep, those photos are proof that I, Angi Abercrombie made it to the end of the show.  No guns no glory!  My head officially hit the pillow at 2:30am.  I can proudly say that I walked out of the stadium like a boss and with my high heels on!  Just ask my good friend  Kim, author of Good Christian B’s…...  It’s always fun to hear a familiar Texas gal pal voice yell your name!  ♥ 

Who needs to keep up with the Kardishians?  The next reality tv show should be keeping up with the “80’s” rock stars!  My recovery time needs improvement.  The bounce back factor after only 3 hours of sleep is not what it use to be!  Good gosh yall, I felt like I was  close to to Knockin On Heaven’s Door all yesterday.

My favorite part of going to a concert with friends is how young it makes me feel.  Music has a special way of transporting my state of mind.   What I loved the most was standing in front of Mr. Chicken Fry.  He always holds me tight and close griping my  waist or putting his hands in my pockets.  We sway together to the beat of the drums.  It’s the best!  It took me straight to Paradise City!

Love, Peace, and long live rock and roll!






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