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FITogether Virtual FITness

Just because you can’t physically get to me doesn’t mean you can get lean!!!

I wish we lived closer to each other so I could come workout with you.

If my office wasn’t so far I would totally come train at Abercrombie & FITness.

I would hire you as my trainer in a quick heart beat IF I didn’t live out of state.

I will never make it without you when I go back to college.

I travel so frequently that I cannot commit to a regular workout routine with a trainer.

By the time I leave my office, your studio gym is closed for the evening.

I have access to this awesome gym at my office, or apartment or school but I have no clue what to do?

I want you to be my trainer but…____________________(fill in the blank)


Welcome to the wonderful world of technology.  Hello virtual FITness.  Wake up pilgrims, it’s 2018.  We’re living in the land of constant connection.  We are never out of touch which means you’re fresh out of excuses. 


These connections are absolutely the kind I would have killed for back in the day.  Face time, Skype…WHAT??   Are you kidding me…this was the dream back in 1987-1991 when I was teenager in school.   Well wake up, because the dream has come true.  All of our tech savvy gizmo’s grant us FULL access to virtuoso FITness. This is a fancy term for I can be your on ine trainer and help you get the body of your dreams.  FITogether is my custom workout program designed to help you lose weight, eat healthy, get and STAY FIT.  If you have access to a fax machine, email account, IPad, cell phone, mac book, PC,  or Mac you too can have a rocking trainer.  And…drum roll…wait for it,  wait for it…it can be me!

Welcome to Abercrombie & FITness online FITogether.   This virtual FITness program  is ridiculously affordable and completely customized to meet your goals and objectives.    IT starts with a 6 week program including 2 workouts a week.  The workouts incorporate body weight exercises, cardio and weight training.  These workouts can be done from the comfort of your home or hotel room or in a gym.  I’m right here,  at your finger tips!  Reach out, reach out and start your workout!  You will be included in my FITogether Facebook page where you join a group of other loyal FITogether workout warriors.  We post encouraging post or questions about food.  It’s like an online support  group.  The program also includes the Abercrombie & FITness FITogether meal plan with healthy eating tips.

I love variety don’t you?  Variety is precisely how our relationship and the workouts are done.  You will not be bored.  After all it ‘s results that you want right?  Once you agree and commit you will receive a welcome email and link to the instructional videos.  Each week for 6 weeks you  There are numerous options and no rules.  The sky is the limit.For years I have been writing personalized workout routines for folks all over the world.  I have had  virtual clients in Australia, Mexico, Bahamas, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama.  Folks in surrounding cities who want a jump start.  Who’s next?

Silence the excuses in your head and call me, text me or send me an email. Are you an introvert, no problem, we can be silent partners…we don’t have to talk.  We can communicate soley via technology.  What a country.

How does it work?

♥FITogether 6 week challenge – Cost is $100♥

You will receive two workouts a week for six weeks via email. You will also be able to access instructional videos for exercises via my u-tube channel.
You will my meal plan packet and eating tips.
receive weekly encouraging emails.

I highly encourage:
Three 30 minute cardio sessions. (at your leisure)
Follow my simple, basic, healthy, you will not starve, meal plan.



I also have weekly and monthly virtual clients.  I write 3-5 CUSTOM workouts a week or month.  


What will you need?
a winning positive attitude!!
access to a gym or basic gym equipment including: 5,8,10-12 pound dumbbells, bench, chair, or stair
water bottle and towel

Here’s how to enroll.
Acknowledge the receipt of the confidentially disclosure form by replying to the email :I agree and want to enroll

Click here to PAY PAL Search for account name AnCarter or

Once I receive payment and the acknowledged disclosure form you will receive the meal plan and the first two workouts for week one! This includes the links to the workout videos.
Follow me on social media site for encouragement and FITness tips.

Have a FITastic day!

It’s a sincere and creative process that works!  A straight up successful win win for everyone. I’m looking forward to the day I become the traveling trainer. Haven’t you ever heard of take your trainer on vacation week??

 I can’t eat for you BUT I can train you and hold you to some accountability.

Who’s ready to committ?  Who needs a shove in the right direction?  Drop a jean size before summer or vacation?  I’m here to motivate and manipulate your body into an inferno, a fat burning machine!

Pick up the phone or shoot me an email.

Love peace and a little elbow greace. 

Angi xo


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