Bringing Sweaty Back

Obsessive Christmas Disorder 

Do ou have OCC? Obsessive Christmas Disorder? #abercrombieFITnesschristmas #focusonJesus #makeitaboutthemanger #theranchchurch

Abercrombie & FITness

Morning people!  How did you like my workout videos?  If you missed them, click on the FITness Videos tab or the link in pink.  Take a gander at some of the challenging workouts and give it a go.

Until then let’s chit chat like girlfriends about mental health and the holiday season.  Goodness,  I felt you cringe from here.  Relax, I’ll give you things to think about and maybe you can find PEACE this Christmas.

This is a post for the folks that feel extreme pressure to squeeze in every single Christmas tradition and activity in 25 days or less. OCD.  Obsessive Christmas Disorder and I totally had it. OCD can ruin your yuletide joy and interrupt your Christmas experience!

Have you ever seen the movie Christmas with the Crank’s?” Gosh is so stinking funny. Basically an empty nester couple makes a decision to boycott Christmas and set…

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