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Hobo Stew 

There is a slight chill in the air or possibly an arctic front.  If you live in Texas right now every day is a total crap shoot.  Nonetheless,  football is in full swing and the days are shorter.   But just because the days are dismal and grey doesn’t mean your meals can’t be flavorful and bold.   Buck up butter cup because I have a tasty treat in store for you today.

Family friendly Abercrombie and FITness approved “HOBO Stew.”   It’s a colorful, healthy toasty dish that feeds a ton of faces.  If you  make too much, no problem because it reheat for left over in a jiffy!  I personally like better the second day.

Peeled and cut potatoes or leave the skin on!
Carrots (one bag)
Onion (one)
Corn (one can or bag)
Green beans (one can)
Rotel or Stewed tomatoes (one can) I use the cilantro and lime
Garlic (fresh)

Can of chicken broth

Chicken bullion
Season with Lowrys’s and pepper
Ground turkey and or beef


Red Kidney Beans (one can) (take these out if you want to)

Add sorano peppers diced for robust spicy version

Diced celery

Chopped Cilantro



First, I brown one or two packages of ground turkey. This  receipe can easily be doubled to feed more folks.

In my slow cooker / crock pot I add broth followed by the ingredients. I cook on high for 7 hours. Stir and season occasionally.

I serve this with corn bread or crackers.    prefer fresh diced peppers for a spicy kick.


Brown one onion and meat in pan on the stove

In a crock put add all ingredients listed above along with seasoning of your choice.
Add meat once prepared.  Dice up vegetables to your liking. I like chunky begtables.
Cook until vegetables are cooked through – slow cooker on high about 7 hours.





Dust off the old crock pot and this little diddy will hit the spot! I served this Sunday night to watch my beloved Cowboys.  Although we didn’t perform and come away with a victory, I firmly believe that we will be in Super Bowl 2017!  Who’s with me?

Love, stay warm and choose the sweet corn!  



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