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These are a few of my FAVORITE things

Happy Friday my little Christmas Angels. Anyone need some stocking stuffer or gift ideas?

Y’all, I have excellent intel on some top notch Christmas deals.  My distinguished list of  goodies are the HOTTEST FITness and health items on the market.  Each one of my popular picks would be a FITabulous investment for yourself or someone on your list.  Featuring  sparkles of sunglasses, skin care, scarfs and FITness equipment.

I have a FIT benefit motto: “one for you and one for me because everyone should be happy, healthy and FIT…win win win!   PS I NEVER EVER share or promote products that I don’t personally use or believe in!!!!

→These TRULY are a FEW of my “favorite” things!

The Lululemon vinyasa scarf is NOT your ordinary scarf! Click here for →Lululemon VINYASA SCARF This bad boy can be worn like 14 different ways and is a smart purchase, I promise you will not be sorry or disappointed. PUT in on your WISH LIST! The vinyasa scarf prices range from $48 to $58. It is offered in an array of colors and fabrics. Click here to watch the video Lululemon vinyasa scarf video.


Remeverse skin care has co-ed skin care products that don’t play around.  Click on any of the high lighted links to see all of these affordable luscious products →REMEVERSE. (natural and pure ingredients.) Now through December 31st, get the buy one get one free starter kit for only $59 2 for 1!! (SWEET DEAL) Also on special is Mr. Chicken Fry’s personal favorite, RemeLift, which is a temporary botox/ filler. Now on sale for $59  is the perfect go out glam must have.  Also check out  HydraMist which is a moisture spray for a quick spritz of wonderful. A perfect spray of shine and moisture for a dewy glow!

If your are looking for a full skin care regime the Smart Start is the way to go.  This would be that special gift that keeps on giving and is perfect for the high school or college kids who need an every other month supply. art St1-2-3-product-group-shotart includes lots of holiday bonus items like 10 spa-quality mini-facials in the “little blue boxes”, 30 additional samples, product brochures, tr The Smaining materials and one month free of their replicated website – PLUS an additonal $200 in free product! This free product pack includes (1) Intro SkinCare System, (1) Large Oomph! With Spa Pouf, (1) Sulfate-Free Shampoo, (1) Premium Conditioner, (1) Cocoa Shea Body Butter, and (1) Lip Fix.


TRX Trainer ← The TRX trainer is a suspension training system for full body workouts. Right now they are offering 12 Days of TRX-mas.  A super sale on this super functional piece for body weight training. If you don’t have a ton of space, this is your best buy! HOWEVER, it does require a super sturdy high mount. Click here for a TRX workout from yours truly and see a SMALL sampling of exercises you can perform.

BOSU balance trainer The BOSU balance trainer is an amazing functional tool for core stabilizing movements. It is a multi use piece that does not occupy a lot of space. You can bang out body weight movements with the BOSU or use it with dumbbells.  I’m pretty sure that the BOSU is my very favorite piece of equipment in the gym. Read this for a glimpse into a few ways to use the BOSU  – Just bust a move! 


Superstar sunglasses. Guys and dolls, who doesn’t love new stylish SHADES?   A new pair of sunglasses just puts a little pep in your step.  The folks at Anderson Optical outfit all of the Abercrombie and FITness workout warriors because they

offer superstar prices and discounts ALL the time.  They have Ray Ban aviators with or without colored lenses or mirrored lenses.   Maui Jim, OAKLEY other designer brands from Anderson Optical  Order by phone or in store directly from Anderson Optical and receive a special FITness discount.  817-354-9338 (use promo code abFIT) and receive a 15% discount on all designer sunglasses.  Use promo code (ABFIT)!  YOU’re welcome!


Lancome flash bronzer  – I love me some Lancôme flash bronzer self tanning gel.  It will bring your wretched white winter skin back to life. I use it all over my body and face. It doesn’t streak easily and the smell is not horrendous.
Be sure to purchase the gel and NOT the cream. Also, you want to be sure and buy the Lancolme Flash bronzer GEL for the body. (still use it on my face) Be sure it does NOT have sparkles in it. You purchase this at ULTA, MACY’s, or Dillard’s.

I sweat ALOT!  I wear sunscreen and make up and moisturizer and self tanner and my pores get clogged.  I also have a teen daughter who USE to have a pimple problem.  That was until we discovered RemeClear.  Give the gift that keeps on giving.  RemeClear is literally the best acne mrv_remeclear_small_235x235edicine money can buy.  It’s only $29 for a bottle of FDA approved acne medicine that will leave your skin clear and smooth.  It’s incredible.  Mom’s this is a must have for your son or daughter and a not so embarrassing stocking stuffer!

Bombshell sports wear leggings got me looking LIT!  I tried to talk myself out of these sporty  tights but after they arrived in the mail I was hooked!  Bombshell sports wear brings it home with fresh fun designs and ultra soft quality.  They fit like a glove!  I find them to be multifaceted.  I wear them to lounge around, run errands and workout!  15192510_1216339655086546_247608037853790953_n

And last but not least,

Abercrombie and FITness workout sessions! Do you live to far away, NO PROBLEM…Abercrombie and FITness offers virtual training programs and accountability.  Call 214-794-2607 or visit me on social media for more information.  I also offer corporate wellness coaching and training programs. These 8 to 12 week programs are tailor made for your employees goals and monitored via Facebook. I also offer custom workouts in a group or private training setting. Abercrombie and FITness is a boutique style training facility located in Coppell, Texas. Invest in the gift of health and coaching by yours truly. Please call 214-794-2607 or email me at for pricing.

Double love, sweat and be FIT!  

Love, have no fear and spread some love and Christmas cheer!



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