Bringing Sweaty Back

2016’s Recap 

Hello and holly jolly Merry Christmas to you!  I bet you’ve been blowing and going preparing all of the last-minute trimmings for your Christmas extravaganza.  It seems like the hustle and bustle rush has become apart of the tradition.

I know a lot about hustle & rushing around.  I live and breathe by the schedule!   The year-long calendar book I hold in my hands is a staple piece.  The calendar is my life, my fountain and my biggest blessing.  Year after year God’s everlasting favor is poured out through the schedule.

Starting next week, I will be publishing a three-part series on  the years most humorous TRUE gym stories, testimonials and exercises.

I own what you might call a “Steel Magnolias” kind of operation. We  beauties bust our booties working out, lifting and grinding week after week.  We also work our jaw chit chatting just like the lovely ladies in Trudy’s salon from the movie!  We discuss life, love and where the bodies are buried!

I will attempt to paint a colorful picture of a few of the eye watering hysterics that occurred up in my spec of a training studio! I couldn’t make this stuff up!  Eat your heart out Dallas Housewives!  Abercrombie & FITness angels would blow them out of the water!

Also I will share the years most highly raved about workout moves and  the most detested eye rolling exercises! To protect reputations, I will not divulge names of the contagious whimpering and whining workout warriors.

Tis the season to recap, look back and track progress!  I have seen great change in so many of my loyal dedicated clients. I’m over joyed to share the glad tidings of strength and perseverance of these hard-working sweat angels.

Christmas is almost here!!!!  Leave the fudge and cookies for Santa!

Love, stay tuned, don’t quit and stay FIT!

Angi xo

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